Speed Test : iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Sony Xperia Z5 vs LG G4 vs Lumia 950

When it comes to performance, speed test or benchmark score comparison, users are more curious to know the result when its Samsung vs Apple. However, this speed test includes some other brands as well. Some days ago, Antutu revealed the benchmark score performed on Antutu 6.0, and Apple A9 benchmark score was the highest. Apple A9 scored 123567 against 92746 by Kirin 950 and 86652 by Exynos 7420.

TechRadar has made a video showing which one runs faster. They included 5 devices in the test; Apple iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Sony Xperia Z5 vs LG G4 vs Microsoft Lumia 950.

Boot Time

1St : iPhone 6s : 13:10 Secs

2nd : Galaxy S6 : 16:21 Secs

3rd : LG G4 : 25:17 Secs

4th : Lumia 950 : 35:25 Secs

5th : Xperia Z5 : 41:3 Secs

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iPhone 6s turned out the winner here, Galaxy S6 managed to boot faster than other Android devices, and Xperia Z5 was the slowest one to boot.

When they started running Apps, Samsung Galaxy S6 did it little faster compared to iPhone 6s and held the first posting. iPhone 6s stayed at the second position, and rest kept their same position. When they opened more apps, Lumia 950 went on 5th position and Xperia Z5 claimed 4th. However, iPhone 6s claimed its first position back as Samsung lagged behind in terms of app optimization.

Task Completed (Final Result)

1St : iPhone 6s : 2:20:25 Mins

2nd : Galaxy S6 : 2:26:24 Miss

3rd : LG G4 : 2:31:15 Mins

4th : Xperia Z5 : 2:51:15 Mins

5th : Lumia 950 : 3:36:29 Mins

LG G4 features Snapdragon 808, and Xperia Z5 features more powerful Snapdragon 810 Chip, but LG G4 still won against Xperia Z5 from the start to end. Microsoft’s Lumia 950 also features the same Snapdragon 808 chip, but the result is quite upsetting. Microsoft needs to optimize OS as well as apps to make the device faster.

Here is the Speed Test video made by TechRadar 

One similar video was made by PhoneBuff as well. iPhone 6s Plus vs Galaxy Note 5 speed test was performed, and iPhone 6s Plus won here as well. iPhone 6s Plus completed the task in 1:13:44 Mins, and Galaxy Note 5 did it in 1:29:05 Mins.

Here is the video of Speed test; iPhone 6s Plus vs Galaxy Note 5

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