Samsung launches 2 new colors of Galaxy Note 5


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is certainly a great smartphone in terms of performance as well as camera. If you already own one, this news would not make you much happier, but those who is planning to buy may get excited.

Samsung just announced 2 new colors of Galaxy Note 5; Silver Titanium and Pink Gold. Well, it’s not the first time you are seeing silver titanium, it was already shown when Samsung announced Galaxy Note 5. However, they didn’t launch Note 5 in that color earlier. Pink Gold is the fresh color, and users would love it, especially girls and Women.

Rose gold color in iPhone 6s is the best seller, and Huawei also launched Mate S in rose gold color. Samsung tried to do something different instead of launching it in the same color. They made it little dark, and you got a Pink Gold Galaxy Note 5 instead of rose gold. The Pink gold looks fine.

Pink Gold Galaxy Note 5

Pink gold Note 5 would hit the stores in South Korea from 23 October. It will be available with 64GB storage only, and it would cost 965,800 South Korean Won (around $855).

Note 5 in Silver Titanium color will cost 899,800 South Korean Won (around $797) for 32GB version, the price for 64GB will remain the same 965,800 South Korean Won (around $855). However, there is no information on launch date for this color.

South Korean users have 5 colors of Note 5 to choose from now; White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, Pink Gold and Silver Titanium. Samsung has not said anything about launching 2 new colors in other market.


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