Xiaomi Mi 5, Mi Pad 2 and Mi Notebook arrival

Update : Mi Pad 2 is officially launched.

We have been listening about Xiaomi’s upcoming gadgets; Mi 5, Mi Pad 2 and Mi Notebook, but there is no official word on these devices. An electronic industry Analyst, Pan Jiutang said that Mi Notebook would launch in 2016 that we already know. He also mentioned that Xiaomi Mi 5 launch depends on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 availability. So it could arrive by the end of this year or may be pushed to 2016. However, Pan Jiutang confirms that Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 would arrive this year.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Mi pad 2 Mi Notebook Mi Note 2

We already published an article earlier that Mi Notebook would arrive in 2016. It is expected to feature 15-inch display, Intel Core i7 Processor and Linux OS. We expect the price to be somewhere around 2999 Chinese Yuan ($ 470).

Xiaomi has already teased with a banner that indicates Mi Pad 2 would have dual-boot system to support Windows 10 as well as Android. The leaked images what we have seen for Mi Pad 2 is running on Android OS, but Xiaomi’s interest to launch a tablet with Windows 10 OS and the teaser poster with X2 sign makes the rumor strong about dual-boot system.

Xiaomi Mi 5 is getting quite confusing. The expected SoC in Xiaomi Mi 5 keeps changing in rumor. Well, Xiaomi Mi 2 was announced in August 2012, Mi 3 went official in September 2013 and Mi 4 was announced in July 2014.  Taking these months into consideration, Xiaomi Mi 5 should have gone official so far (at least in the recent event that was held on 22 September). This Makes us think that Pan Jiutang is probably right. Xiaomi doesn’t want to come up with Snapdragon 810 that Mi Note Pro already features. Xiaomi is probably waiting for Snapdragon 820 arrival, and would launch Mi 5 that will compete with other high-end smartphones. Along with Snapdragon 820, Xiaomi Mi 5 is expected to features 4GB RAM and Finger Print Sensor.

Apart from these devices, Mi Note 2 is also expected to arrive, that was rumored to be Mi 5 Plus. The rendering image of Mi Note 2 shows dual-rear camera and a physical home button for Finger Print Scanner. However, let’s wait for the official announcement and we will have two great smartphones from Xiaomi.

Update : Xiaomi Mi 5 have some changes in specs.

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