Xiaomi Mi Notebook would arrive in 2016

Xiaomi Mi NoteBook

Xiaomi is the company who got famous by its Apple-like Viral Marketing Policy. After smartphones, Xiaomi is ready to get its hands on Notebook. There is rumor that Xiaomi Mi Notebook would arrive in 2016.

Xiaomi is expected to launch Mi Notebook in China, and they would expand its market later, like they did in case of smartphones. Since 15-inch Notebook is in trend, so Xiaomi is likely to go for the same size. As far as price is concerned, it is expected to be 2999 Chinese Yuan (around $ 471). So the price would be more than 1000 Chinese Yuan Cheaper compared to its rival.

Lenovo covers 20-25 percent Notebook market in China, and dealing with Xiaomi strategy could be more difficult for them. Chinese company has not said anything officially about the Xiaomi Mi Laptop. According to leaked information, Xiaomi is working with Foxconn as well as British Industry to design and launch the Mi Notebook. Xiaomi Mi Notebook is expected to arrive with Linux OS.

Source (in Chinese)

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