Leaked Images of Mi Pad 2 appeared

Update : These images were fake, Mi Pad 2 is official now.

Xiaomi Mi Pad was released last year in June, and users must be waiting for Mi Pad 2. There have been so many rumors that Mi Pad 2 will have metal body, Windows OS etc..

We have got some leaked images of Mi Pad 2 that clearly define 2 things :

(1) The device will have the same kind of plastic body as in its predecessor

(2) Mi Pad will be running on Android OS

If there is any truth about launching Mi Pad 2 with Windows 10, then you can expect 2 version of Mi Pad 2. Whatever it could be, but the leaked images of Mi Pad 2 shows it running of Android OS.

If this rumored image is true, Mi Pad 2 seems to be have less attractive design compared to Mi Pad. There is no official announcement about the upcoming Tablet from this Chinese brand, so they may be still preparing to make it better.

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