Xiaomi Mi 5 would not feature front Finger Print Scanner, but we may see force touch display

Xiaomi Mi 5

When Xiaomi posted a teaser image for an event to be held on 19 October, we expected Xiaomi to announce Mi 5. Early launch made us doubtful if Xiaomi is turning to Snapdragon 810, because Snapdragon 820 and Mediatek Helio X20 both have not been launched so far. Later, Lin Bin made it clear via Weibo post that Mi 5 will not be launched in this event. This clearly means that Xiaomi is not going to compromise in case of Mi 5. They would not settle for Snapdragon 810 or Mediatek chip, and will wait for Qualcomm to launch Snapdragon 820.

Xiaomi Mi 5 is expected to feature a Finger Print Sensor, and we expected something unique. At the very start, Mi 5 was rumored to feature a physical home button for finger finger print scanner like OnePlus 2 and Samsung devices, later we heard of Snapdragon’s 3D finger sensor based on ultra sonic technology that would’t require any physical button.

Xiaomi Mi 5 tech specs leak

According to the latest rumor coming from Chinese Social Network Weibo, Xiaomi Mi 5 would certainly feature a finger print sensor, but it would be located at the back (probably underneath camera). There are many smartphone manufacturers that locate Finger Print Sensor at the back including Huawei, ZTE and many others. Xiaomi may follow the same trend. Along with finger print sensor and Snapdragon 820, Xiaomi Mi 5 would feature a 5.2 inches 2K display, 4GB RAM, 16 / 32 GB RAM etc.. They would certainly launch Mi 5 with 64GB ROM as well, and don’t expect MicroSD card slot.

Xiaomi Mi 5 images

If you are waiting for Xiaomi Mi 5, you may need to wait some more moths. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 is expected to launch in early 2016, and then Xiaomi Mi 5 would be announced. Even Qualcomm start supplying its latest chip in January, Xiaomi will need some time to start production and ship. So Xiaomi Mi 5 may arrive in February or March 2016, but it would be a great device for sure. Sounds like the phrase “Good things happen to those who wait.” 😀


Xiaomi Mi 5 release date

According to latest leak coming from LeaksFly (A Weibo users), Xiaomi would hold an event in November, and this is when Mi 5 would be announced. We heard earlier that Xiaomi Mi 5 will not features any other chip except Snapdragon 820. November release can make users disappointed, because Snapdragon 820 would arrive in early 2016, and Mi 5 may feature a different chip if this rumor is true.

Xiaomi Mi 5 with force touch display

Xiaomi Mi 5 with force touch display

Earlier we heard of Samsung making partnership with Synaptics to use its Clear Force technology. So we expect Galaxy S7 to feature a force touch display. A new leak coming from Weibo user reports that Xiaomi has also filed a patent for the same technology. So Xiaomi’s upcoming smartphones, like Xiaomi Mi 5 and Mi Note 2 may arrive with force touch display as well.

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