Samsung Partnetship with Synaptics for ClearForce Technology: Galaxy S7 to come with Force Touch

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Here is what Samsung fans must be waiting for; Force touch in Samsung smartphones. Samsung may launch smartphone with Force Touch soon. Force touch got famous when Apple introduced it with Apple Watch and MacBooks. However, Huawei got the credit to launch first smartphone with Force Touch display with Huawei Mate S. Apple went one step ahead with Force Touch, and introduced 3D touch with iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Now Samsung is next to feature this in its smartphones.

Samsung has entered into a partnership with Synaptics, and will use its ClearForce Technology in upcoming smartphones. Synaptics has announced ClearForce technology on 6 October that brings many great additional features to let you do more than a simple tap on your smartphone’s display. Samsung would probably use this tech in Galaxy S7, source reported.

Synaptics’ ClearForce Technology will allow smartphone manufacturers to bring Force Touch feature on their smartphones’ display. The force can be used to preview, zoom or edit images, text and documents, control games, open menu/options and for many other purposes. Your smartphone display will recognize your simple and harder touch. We will come to know this feature better once any device is launched with Synaptics’ ClearForce tech.

Synaptics has already mentioned that they are working closely with leading OEMs and LCMs that seek to use ClearForce technology in their devices, and smartphones with Force Touch display will arrive in early 2016. This is when we expect Samsung to launch Galaxy S7 as well. Samsung seems to be in luck, and Galaxy S7 may bring a brand new experience to Samsung users.