Xiaomi Cut the Price for Xiaomi Mi Note Pro, first sale on 12th May

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro will go on sale from 12th May, and Xiaomi has also reduced ¥300 from the price as it the price was estimated to be around ¥3300, but now it will be on sale for ¥2,999 (around $484).

We already had the information on the specifications of Xiaomi Mi Note Pro as it’s a 4GB RAM smartphone, and also have great specs, like Octa Core 64 bit Snapdragon 810 processor which is the best chip available in the market.

Xiaomi Mi note pro specs

There is on issue about the Snapdragon 810 chip that it gets too much hit and Arstechnica published a depth review about this. So users may get afraid of buying a device having this chip, but Xiaomi has resolved the hitting issue incorporating 4 graphite cooling fins. These fins have been installed in the corner, front, back and sides, and one them is even double layered. So if you are playing a game from 20 mins continuously, your smartphone should get too much hit, but Xiaomi Mi Note pro won’t. Its temperature on the back would be 36.3°C which is less than our body temperature.

Hitting issue with Xiaomi Mi Note ProXiaomi has also used faster charging technology that recharges the battery up to 70% in one hour. As far as camera is concerned, Xiaomi has 13-megapixel rear camera and has used Sony IMX214 sensor, when Samsung Galaxy S6 has Sony IMX240 or Samsung ISOCELL Sensor, so don’t expect the camera to be better than Galaxy S6, though you can say it is fair enough.

Xiaomi also posted Antutu Benchmark score of Xiaomi Mi Note Pro VS HTC One M9 VS LG G Flex 2, where Xiaomi has the best score. Other models like Galaxy S6 or LG G4 is not there in benchmark score what will would see when Xiaomi Mi Note Pro is launched.

xiaomi note pro antutu score


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