Xiaomi Mi 5 may arrive something different we expected

It’s been so long we have been reading that Xiaomi Mi 5 would feature Snapdragon 820, but there is a change in plan according to recent leak. Xiaomi had been waiting for Qualcomm to launch Snapdragon 820, else they would have launched Mi 5 so far. However, Qualcomm is not ready to launch Snapdragon 820, and they are still busy in its optimization to make it perfect, and it is expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2016 now.

Xiaomi must have thought if they wait for Snapdragon 820, they might be close to launching Mi 6 instead. Hahaha! Just kidding. @Leaksfly tipped earlier that Xiaomi Mi 5 will be sold at the price of Xiaomi Mi 4. Taking this into consideration, Xiaomi Mi 5 16GB variant would cost around 2000 Chines Yuan (around $315). If 16GB variant is not available, Price may rise accordingly. There is also rumor that Mi 5 will use metal frame.

Xiaomi MI 5 price exposure

It was unbelievable that Mi 5 with Snapdragon 820 and Finger Print sensor will cost that much, because Mi Note Pro with Snapdragon 810 was launched for 3000 Chines Yuan (around $473), and it doesn’t feature any Finger Print Sensor. However, @Leaksfly has given the reason now that Xiaomi Mi 5 would feature Mediatek Helio X20.

Xiaomi Mi tech specs

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 with Mediatek Helio X10 and 2GB RAM is available for as low as 799 Chines Yuan (Around $126). So they can certainly manage to add Helio X20, 2GB more RAM (4GB total) and Finger Print Sensor for additional 1200 Chinese Yuan, can’t they? However, it would cost you little more if you are not in China. Along with Snapdragon 820, possibilities of Buttonless Finger Print Sensor based on ultrasonic technology is also removed from the list.

If this leak is true, you can expect Xiaomi Mi 5 by the end of 2015. Xiaomi can use Snapdragon 820 in Mi Note 2 later in 2016. Mediatek Helio X20 is also a great chip with deca-core processor, recent Mediatek Helio X20 benchmark report shows better CPU performance compared to Exynos 7420. So you would still get a better device.

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