Snapdragon 820 V3 Geekbench 3 Benchmark

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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 is one of the best chip that we are waiting for. Just to remind, it feature Quad-core 2.2 GHz processor based on 14nm FinFET technology, and it will be combined with Adreno 530 GPU.

At the very start, when Snapdragon 820 was found on Geekbench 3, the benchmark score was not much impressive. It scored 1732 in single-core performance and 4970 in multi-core. It seems that was the first time when Snapdragon 820 hit Geekbench 3.

Snapdragon 820 geekbench Benchmark score

Later, Snapdragon 820 V2 version scored 1800 in single-core benchmark, that is little better that the first score. However, Multi-core performance score went down. May be Qualcomm messed up something that time.

Now, Snapdragon 820 V3 version on Geekbench 3 has done very well compared to its first and second version. This time, it scored 5910 in multi-core and 2032 in single-core performance. This score leaves Samsung’s Exynos 7420 behind in both multi-core and single-core benchmark.Qualcomm is still testing the chip to face the competition, and it could be even better when they finally launch it. I hope this is what Qualcomm’s fans were waiting for.

Have a look at Snapdragon 820 V2 and V3 benchmark score

Snapdragon 820 geekbench 3 benchmark

Well, Apple A9 is still the best in terms of single-core performance, there is no match of it. But yes, Snapdragon 820 did much better in multi-core performance leaving all the Chipsets behind including Apple A9.

Along with Snapdragon 820, there are more Chipsets to arrive, like Mediatek helio X20, Exynos 8890 (or Mongoose M1) and Kirin 950. Exynos 8890 was also spotted on Geekbench 3 with Samsung Lucky LTE (Galaxy S7) model, but didn’t do better than Snapdragon 820 . However, Kirin 950 would probably be a great match for Snapdragon 820. Have a look at Kirin 950 benchmark.

Kirin 950 geekbench Benchmark score

Kirin 950 Geekbench benchmark multi-core performance score is 6096 compared to 5910 for Snapdragon 820, but it left behind in Single-core. It’s going to be Chipsets war in 2016, let’s see which one wins.

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