Remote Desktop connection manager for Mac/Windows/Linux/iOS/Android

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Did you know that you can access you MacBook, iMac, Windows or Linux computer remotely from another computer, iPhone, iPad or Android devices via Remote Desktop Connection Manager? Yes, it is possible, and it comes for free as long as you want to use it for personal purpose. For commercial use, you need to subscribe their subscription. We will stick to personal use in this article.

Many of you must have used TeamViewer to access another computer from yours. If your friends or family members having any issue in their system, you can use TeamViewer’s Remote Desktop Connection Manager to access their system, operate their system remotely, and fix the issue. It can be operated around the world.

How to access your MacBook/iMac or even Windows or Linux PC from iOS or Android devices via Remote Desktop Connection Manager?

  • Install TeamViewer Remote Desktop Connection manager on your Mac/Windows/Linux Computer from TeamViewer.Com
  • Install it or ask other user to install TeamViewer on his/her system as well
  • iOS or Android users can install on their Smartphones or Tablets from App Store or Play Store
  • You can register or skip the registration part as it can be used without registration
  • Now open TeamViewer on your computer and other computer/mobile or tablet
  • Please note that A desktop user cannot connect to a mobile/tablet, but a mobile/tablet user can connect to a MacBook/Windows/Linux System and operate computer from Mobile or Tablet

Remote Desktop COnnection manager TeamViewer

Computer to Computer (Mac/Windows/Linux)

  • Your ID and Password is on the left, and the green signal (ready to connect) shows you are connected to internet, and remote connection can be established (check screenshot above)
  • Now ask your friend to give you TeamViewer’s ID and Password to access his computer. He will also have his ID and password on the left as you have here
  • Now put the ID into the Partner ID box (located on the right)
  • Select Remote Control, and click on Connect to a Partner
  • You will be asked to put the password, please put the same password you friend provided you
  • Now wait for a while, and you will see you friend’s computer screen. Now you can operate
  • If you want to transfer some files only, you can select Transfer Files, and then click on Connect to Partner, and follow the instruction

Smartphones/Tablets to Computer

It could an iPhone, Android Phone, iPad or any Android Tablets that you want to use to connect to your computer. When you open TeamViewer on a Smartphone or Tablet, you will have some options; Connect, Computers, Chat, Files and Settings.

Remote Desktop Connection manager iPhone


  • Tap on Connect
  • Enter your Partner’s ID
  • Tap on Remote Control
  • Enter the Password, when you are asked
  • Now you can operate your Partner’s computer from your Smartphone or Tablet
  • Now please mind the cursor/arrow sign. You can’t just tap anywhere like your on your mobile. You need to drag the arrow sign where you want to tap, and then tap on it. It’s like Mouse Click, and your device screen works like trackpad

Computers and Chat

These options require you to create free account, so that you can check the PC you have connected or saved, and can chat with them.


This option allows you to send file from your iOS/Android devices to a computer via this Remote Desktop Connection Manager. Once you tap on File, you will be asked to choose a file, and then you need to Enter your partner’s ID and connect him to send it.