Which Mobile Should I buy, iPhone 6 or 6 Plus Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge or LG G4 or Mi Note Pro

It’s a question that is hard to answer by someone else, but it’s only you who can decide. Well, I am going to provide few tips that can make it clear what could be the best option for you.

Galaxy S6 and S6 edge which one to buy

Go for Samsung galaxy S6 or S6 Edge if :

You want a metal finish design, but not complete metal as it has glass at the back. There is no doubt it is the best design Samsung has ever made with premium touch

You want the best display quality (not graphic performance)

You want a great camera Phone

You want a phone that runs faster

You want a compact smartphone (neither large nor small)

You want an Android phone with finger print sensor

You want something unique in design (applies to Galaxy S6 Edge Only)

You have or you want to buy Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Smartwatch


Go for  LG G4 if :

You want the best camera phone

You want a unique design (Applies to leather finish only)

You want decent battery life

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro


Go for Xiaomi Mi Note Pro if :

You want a large display device

You want a customized Android

You want the best hardware at cheap price that competes Galaxy S6 and LG G4

You want more RAM in cheap price (It’s a 4GB RAM Smartphone)

You want a dual SIM mobile

You want decent battery life

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which one to buy

Go for iPhone 6 or 6 Plus if:

You have a MacBook/iPad (Apple enables taking over your work from any device)

You want a decent camera but not the best (for distant image only iPhone 6 Plus is better but doesn’t beat Galaxy S6 and LG G4)

You want smooth and stable performance

You want the best touch feeling

You want the best finger Print Sensor

You want a more secure phone from viruses and attack

You want a compact smartphone, but not a phablet (Applies to iPhone 6 only)

You want the best graphic performance

You want a device that gives you best control on apps

You want a strong metal smartphone

You want decent battery life (Applies to iPhone 6 Plus Only)

You have or you want to own Apple Watch

If you want more resale value

Well, that was the basic points that users should consider. If you want more battery life, then skip Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6. LG G4, Mi Note Pro and iPhone 6 Plus comes with decent battery. All the smartphones listed above are fast enough to do Multi-tasking, but if you capture lots of photographs, then LG G4 could be the best option for you. Xiaomi has done well in the past, and its devices are richer in hardware and cheaper in price. So Mi Note Pro is the best option if you have hard budget, but availability can throw cold water on your wishes, because Xiaomi devices are not available around the world.

Some people say Xiaomi is china made, but tell which mobile is not made/manufactured in China? Apple or Samsung? Care for the hardware, technical specs and the money you are paying, not the brand and country.

Good Luck!

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