Why should you buy iPhone 6 Plus?

iPhone 6 Plus

If you are Fan of Samsung Galaxy Note 3, please read and think if you agree or you noticed these things or not?

Today I am going to share my personal experience about iPhone 6 Plus. I never considered to buy iPhone, because of the small display and low RAM capacity, but iPhone 6 plus changed my views. I had Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and I sold it when I bought iPhone 6 Plus. Now these are the reasons behind this that made me keep iPhone 6 Plus. 

1>. RAM and Chipset: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has 3 GB RAM what made me wonder it would run really fast, and of course it does, but iPhone 6 Plus has just 1GB RAM and I bet it runs faster even with this RAM. Note 3 Never came with 3 GB RAM and Samsung says system reserves some memory. System already reserves more than 60% of RAM from existing available RAM for users, on top of that if Samsung says it reserves more 600 MB RAM that you can’t even see, that’s unbelievable. If you are using Snapdragon version, you will be able to see that you have around 2.38 GB RAM, and you may find many complaints on the internet that after the Android Kitkat update, it just shows as 1.72 GB RAM and the whole internet has no clarification about this. Apple said its A8 cheap is must faster and I agree now when I got one. It runs all Apps smoother and faster.

2.> Apps: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 had so many stupid apps, and it made me frustrated that I can’t even uninstall them. You could uninstall after you root the device, which void the warranty of your smartphone. iPhone 6 Plus comes with only useful apps, specially the iMessage and Facetime. I love it. You can create the document on any apple device including Macbook and start editing on the go, from you phone.

3.> Device Security: iCould makes your device personal and it’s only yours. You can lock the device with iCloud and if you lose it no one can activate/reactivate/Unlock the device without your iCloud credential. So your iPhone is just a box for other people if they steal it or you lose it. You can  also trace the device location like you do in Android device. Android devices cant be locked permanently, and anyone can reactivate this.

4.> Sensors: My Galaxy Note 3 had so many sensors, and to be honest it doesn’t work properly. Whether it’s smart scroll or Air gesture non of them are smart. The time smart scroll take to scroll a bit, I could scroll the whole page with my hand :D. It was just inconvenience to use them, so I had all those sensors off.

iPhone 6 Plus Camera

5.> Camera: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Camera can’t beat iPhone 6 Plus camera anyway, so I would talk about Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Note 4 comes with 16 Megapixels camera with OIS (Optical Image Stablization), and iPhone 6 Plus has 8 Megapixels camera with OIS, but 16 Megapixels Note 4 could not beat iPhone’s 8 Megapixels. Lol! Some says both are good, some says iPhone 6 Plus is the winner, Business Inside also agreed that iPhone 6 Plus has better camera than Note 4.

If you want to check the camera quality and comparison view of iPhone 6 Plus and Note 4, check these links:




6.> Graphic: It’s hard to beat the graphic of any Apple’s device that comes with Retina Display. So iPhone 6 Plus looks amazing and feels amazing.

7.> Design: It’s slim, wrapped in metal case and when you hold it it looks amazing than any other device. iPhone has been known for the best design. But I would suggest going for Space Grey color, because after looking at all the colors, you can’t skip that color and the same happened to me.

iPhone 6 Plus Design

8.> Battery: I used Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and it served me one day after charging it 100%, and now I use the same amount of time, but iPhone 6 plus serves me 2 days.

9.> Sound: I will say wow! It’s louder and clear than any device I have used so far, but still HTC one is little better in terms of sound quality. If I give 100% to HTC One, iPhone 6 Plus will deserve at lease 90%.

Before I used to think that more RAM makes the device more faster, but it’s not all about the RAM. There is something in the Chip and the Apps you have on the device. Now, I can’t figure out the device performance only because of the RAM.  

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