4 essential safety tips that you should follow in your iPhone


The security is a key factor in smartphones. The mobile is an accessory in which all sorts of private information is stored, so it is essential to protect it, so that the information doesn’t get revealed to the wrong person. If you use Apple iPhone, there are four tips of essential security that every user must take into account when using their mobile. In this article we will get to know the four safety tips that every owner of an iPhone should know when using the smartphone. These four tips of security does not require us to install any application on mobile, and we can bring it to reality by our knowledge regarding such devices. So here you are:

Tip number 1

Setting an unlock password may seem obvious, but many users choose not to enter any password to your iPhone simply for the convenience of not having to enter four digits when access certain features of the mobile. It can be fatal when it comes to losing mobile, so first we must protect our data establishing an unlock code in addition to our footprint (in case you’re using an iPhone 5S). The procedure to configure the unlock code on an iPhone is as follows:

Access the settings of you iPhone. Click on the section “Touch ID & passcode.” If the password has not been setup, you will get the option “turn passcode on” and if there is already an active password, you get the option “trun passcode off.” Once you set a password, you can also turn on the option “erase data.” This option protects iPhone assuring that in case someone enter an unlock code for over ten wrong attempts, the phone will automatically erase all data stored inside. This option appears particularly suitable for users who store sensitive information on the terminal.

setting passcode

Tip number 2

Activate the Touch ID what we already mentioned in the previous step, but the Touch ID is a security measure that deserves their own role in this list of safety tips for the iPhone . If you use an iPhone 5S, you must use digital fingerprint scanner to protect the mobile from strangers and others who want to steal data. It will just take a few minutes of your time. 

Tip number 3

Activate the option “Find My iPhone.” You might think that  you never lost your mobile, but that doesn’t guarantee that you will never lose it. We are talking about the precaution. Why it is so important to activate this option? It will allow us to locate the lost phone from the computer or iCloud account.This option can be enabled by following these steps: 

We enter the settings app, Click on the section iCloud,  Locate the option Find My iPhone and, if it is turned off, you can turn it on from here following the instruction. 

Tip number 4

Enable automatic backup to iCloud. When we lose our mobile (either physically or due to an accidental fall), we try to minimize the damage as much as possible. One of the best ways to have a backup of all the information we had stored in our mobile, because this way we can transfer it to a new phone without losing anything we had stored in the previous terminal. The steps to enable automatic backup to iCloud are as follows: 

Access the application settings, enter the section iCloud, then setup an account if you don’t have one or log in using your apple ID. Finally you need to select whatever you want to have back up in iCloud.

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