Websites to Watch Movies & TV Shows Online Legally For Free

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There are thousands of websites where you can stream movies online for free, and most of them let your stream in HD format. Along with websites, you can also find many apps to watch movies on iPhone and Android devices. However, most of these websites and apps are illegal, and they are not safe to use. Many websites and apps keep getting shut down due to illegal activities. Take MovieTube for example, they paid $10.5 million for the damage they made to film industry due to their illegal website as well as an app that allowed users to watch movies for free. Well, we are here to tell you some of the websites that can be used to watch movies legally without any subscription.

List of Legal or Genuine Websites to Stream Movies Online For Free


Sony owns Crackle website, and it is probably the best website that allows streaming movies for free, and of course it’s safe and legal. You will find so many movies as well as TV Series episodes on this website that can be streamed in HD format. The video quality of this website is perfect, and it won’t frustrate you with annoying ads, pop-ups etc.. Anyone can visit the website and start streaming videos without registration. However, if you want some customization, and add videos to watch later option, you will have to register. Along with web interface, Crackle is also available as an app for Android and iPhone users. The Android app can be downloaded from Google Play, and iOS app is available on App store.

Note : To get the best experience of Crackle, you must be in the USMost of its movies and TV series are limited to some countries, so you may not be able to find many or almost all the movies from other regions. If you are not in the US, you can use Free VPN App or VPN Extension to change your virtual location to the United States, and enjoy Crackle.


YouTube is the most popular video streaming website. It is used to stream as well as upload own videos. YouTube has the largest collection of videos compared to any other streaming service provider. YouTube usually deletes videos that abuse copyright, so you will not find any new movies. However, you can still find so many to watch, and all you have to do is search. While searching customize the search result clicking on Filter option, and select “Long (> 20 minutes)” option to get the most relevant result. However, Most of the movies uploaded on YouTube doesn’t show the real name of the video, and you can only know after playing them.


PopcornFlix is available as web player and Apps for iPhone, Android as well as XBox. They have got so many entertaining TV Episodes as well as Movies in various categories. Whether you are looking for romantic movies, Sci-Fi, or movies in any other category, you can find on PopcornFlix. You are limited to certain movies, but it’s a very useful website to watch movies online for free in a legal way. They also have a dedicated category for kids/family for those who want to stream movies and let their children enjoy.


Yidio doesn’t host videos itself, but it has got a collection of videos from various websites, like Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and many other sites. They provide the link to various websites to download or stream videos. However, when you hover the mouse pointer on Movies or TV Shows option, you get a dedicated category for free videos. So you can click on Free TV Shows or Free Movies option to stream those videos for free.


TubiTV is one of the best websites to stream movies and TV shows online for free. There are thousands of free movies as well as TV episodes for everyone. It’s free but ad-supported. You will have to watch ads before the video starts playing. They are partnered with many original content makers, and that is why they have got a large collection of videos that you can stream. They also have cartoon and anime videos for those who like such TV shows.


Free Movies Cinema doesn’t serve any original content created by them, but they let you watch free movies collected from various sources. You can watch short as well as full movies in various categories, like Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller War, Science Fiction etc..


This site is for those who want to watch some old movies. BigFiveGlories has movie collection from 1910 to 1970, so you will find a color as well as black & white movies. Have you watched silent movies? If you want to experience how silent movies used to be like, you can watch many of them on this website. All those movies are free to watch. You won’t be breaching any copyright.


OpenCulture website contains so many great things, including free eBooks, audiobooks, language learning materials and other useful stuff. Along with all those free stuff, it also has a large collection of movies that you can stream on this website for free. They have actually used the embed code from YouTube, Archive, Vimeo and many other websites. One page contains the link for 1,150 movies & documentaries.


This website is well known for finding those stuff that no longer can be found in Google, and other search engines, because they have been removed from the website or the website doesn’t exist anymore. also has got a collection of short and full movies that you can watch for free. There are over 21,000 movies that can be streamed online. However, you may not like most of those videos if you are not fond of oldies.


Do you like watching documentary videos? If yes, this website is a great place to watch documentaries. They have categorized these documentaries in various categories, like Crime, Environment, Mystery, Nature, Biography etc., and you can also click on Top 100 option to watch some of the best documentaries. You can stream those videos online without paying any money, but they don’t have the download option.


SnagFilms is another website where you can watch movies and TV shows online for free. They have got around 10,000 movies & TV shows to watch. You are allowed to stream videos without registration, but a registered user gets some additional features, like rating videos, comment, adding them to queue to watch next, etc.. They also have a good collection of old movies.

PBS has got so many TV shows that you can stream online for free. You can find a local station clicking on TV Schedule option, it will give you the option to search by a ZIP code or State. You will love this website for sure as they have got a really large collection of shows in various categories.


MyLifeTime lets you stream Full Episodes and clips of LifeTime series, including Fempire Diaries, Dance Moms, Little Women, Project Runaway and many other. You can also stream movies release by them. Along with web interface, they also have apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. Please do remember that all the episodes or movies cannot be stream around the world. They also have GEO restriction like Crackle, but you can use a VPN to resolve this issue and watch anything you want.


Veoh is a well-known video streaming website. You can stream millions of videos on this website in all categories; Funny, Animation, Action, Romantic, Sci-fi, and many other videos. They also have dedicated category for Movies. When you select Movie category, you will see the list of short and full movies. You can select to show videos with long duration to browse full movies.

Netflix (Conditional/Limited)

You already know that Netflix is not free, but it won’t cost you even a single penny for the first month. We have already discussed how anyone can create a free Netflix account without a credit card, and enjoy one month free. You can unsubscribe just after you subscribe the service, and you can still watch a month for free. After a month, you can be a paid subscriber or leave.

There are many another premium Video Streaming service providers, like Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu etc. that let you enjoy a month/week for free, and then you are free to choose whether you want to keep the service or leave.


Most of the legal free online movies websites don’t have a good collection or latest/new movies. They may satisfy just a few people, but there are still some good websites with a great collection of videos, like Crackle, TubiTV, PopcornFlix, Yidio etc.. If you really love watching movies and TV shows, I would recommend subscribing one of the premium video streaming service. If you prefer movies, Netflix is the best option, and if you like TV Shows more than movies, go for Hulu. They don’t even cost so much, the subscription starts with as low as $7.99 that isn’t cost of even one movie that you will have to spend to rent.

Note : I have listed all the websites after reviewing them carefully, but we don’t guarantee for any of the websites’ content. So please do not rely completely on this article, and don’t be shy to do your own research.


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