ShowBox, PlayBox, Cinemabox, Boddy Movie Box, The MovieBox App for PC, Android, iOS

Apps like ShowBox, MovieBox and PlayBox are available for free, and you can use them to watch Movies and TV Shows for free. They have got a huge collection of movies and TV Shows, that you can stream in HD format and even download them. These apps are not available on Official Play Store or App Store, so there is little work around to get them on your Smartphones, Tablets or Computers.  We will guide through the steps.

ShowBOX App Screen

Android User (APK File and Instruction)

All you need is to enable App Installation from unknown source from Settings –> Security –> Enable Unknown Source. Now you can download APK file, install it and enjoy.

ShowBox or MovieBox

ShowBox and MovieBox both are same app. However, ShowBox is know as Movie box for iOS devices. If you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you will now find any app with ShowBox name for your device. Both the app do the same job, you can play movies in HD format, and download them.

Download ShowBox Click here to download the apk file

PlayBox HD or CinemaBox

PlayBox HD used to be one of the great app, just like ShowBox, but you may wonder why it stopped working. The developed of the app has updated the PlayBox HD, and now he has launched the app with a different name “CinemaBox.” So you can still enjoy those things you used to enjoy on PlayBox HD app. The name change should not make any difference.

Download CinemaBox APK File : Click here to get it

Bobby Movie Box APK Download

This is another movie streaming application that you can install on your device. The app has the quite familiar user interface like MovieBox or ShowBox. Download from this link, install on your Android Device, and enjoy.

iOS or iPhone Users (MovieBox, PlayBox HD and Bobby Movie Box)

Note : ShowBox is MovieBox for iOS

We have already posted an article with full instruction that can help you to install MovieBox and Bobby Movie Box app on your iOS device without JailBreak. Please check here

Windows PCs and Mac Users (need some work around)

Note : ShowBox and MovieBox is the same app (just 2 names for different platform)

There is no official app for Mac OS X and Windows PCs, but it an easily be done. Follow these steps to run ShowBox and Bobby Movie Box on your Computer


There is no need to follow the instruction given below. You can simply download ShowBox and/or Bobby Movie Box apk file from the Android Section of this article, and read the instruction ” how to run android apps on Mac and Windows.” Installing Android app is the only way to get these Movies app running on Windows or Mac.

Update ends

  • Install Google Chrome browser if you don’t have on your computer
  • Install ARC Welder App/Extension on Chrome
  • Create a Separate Folder on your computer for ARC Welder (anywhere you want)
  • Now click on Apps icon on Chrome, and run the app (check the image below)

ShowBox Movie Box and PlayBox HD for Mac and PC

  • Now you have launched ARC Welder, click on Choose, and select the folder you created for this App

Testing Android on PC and MAc

  • Now you will get Add Your APK option on app. Download ShowBox APK or PlayBox HD APK file from the link given above in Android Section

Add your APK

  • Click on Add Your APK option, locate and select the APK that you just downloaded
  • Your file will load in a while. Select Full Screen as Form Factor, Orientation will be Landscape, Resize as Reconfigure, click on Test (Check Screen 3 image)

Installing APK on PC

  • Clicking on Test will run the app, and now you can use as you use on your Smartphone or Tablet
  • Note : It’s better to use Smartphone or Tablet to have best experience, because we have tested, and it crashes and fails to play now and then

Note : We are not affiliated by any means with those App Developer. So Please contact them for any concern