Top 10 Pirated Websites to Watch or Stream HD Movies Online For Free

We all love free stuff, don’t we? There are many video streaming service providers, like Hulu, Netflix etc, but they are not as popular as pirated websites are. The traffic such websites receive is huge, and they make so much money with their pop-ads. Most of these websites don’t let users watch movies or videos unless they disable ad blockers.

Why Pirated or Illegal Movie Streaming Websites are More Popular?

I hope you already have the answer to this question, but let me point out some basic reasons.

  1. Pirated websites let users watch movies online for free, but you need to pay a monthly subscription to other movie streaming service providers.
  2. Such websites upload recently released movies much earlier than other legal service providers.
  3. You can stream HD and even Full HD movies online without paying a single penny, but many legal service providers charge extra for HD videos, e.g. Netflix.

The dark side of Pirated Movie Streaming Websites

  1. So many ads and pop ups that open many new browsers window with spammy ads.
  2. Some of the websites can even infect your computer with malware and viruses.
  3. Your data and privacy are at risk. They may steal saved credential and can record your typing and activity.
  4. You may watch or download free Movies, but when you get caught, the fine could be as high as the lifetime subscription fee of Netflix or Hulu.

Free Movie Streaming

Role of Google in Promoting Pirated Free Movie Streaming Websites

Google Piracy Action

We all know that Google is the most popular search Engine, and it ranks the website based on various facts. We know just a few of them. Google also removes websites when they receive complaints, but the removing thing doesn’t really work the way it should. Everytime Google penalizes a pirated website, the owner of the website creates a new one, and such websites don’t take long to rank.

Top 10 Ranked Websites to Watch or Stream Free HD Movies Online

Do you know what are the top 10 websites you will find in Google When you look for movie streaming websites? If you think it’s Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, then you are wrong. Let’s have a look;

Watch Movies Online

I haven’t even added “Free” word before Watch Movies Online because all the legal video streaming service providers are not free, but they do have free trials. However, let’s see what you get on Google when you use “Watch Movies Online” search term. These search results are based on the United States, and the result may vary if you are using Google Search in any other region.

  4. (Legal Service from Comcast)
  6. (free, but legal from Sony)
  7. (contains link only to other websites)
  8. (kind of a movie search engine with links to other websites)

Note : and hold the 10th and 11th position, and I haven’t included the website in number 9th position because that was a blog, not the website with video streaming service.

Now you see what kind of website is ranked with Watch Movie Online keyword.  Out of top 10, 8 of them are illegal. Hulu holds the 14 position, and Netflix is at 24th. Let’s have a look at HD Movies ranking.

Top 10 Ranked websites with “Watch HD Movies Online” Search Term


All the websites appear on Google’s first page with “Watch HD Movies Online” search term are illegal. It’s not about just those 2 search terms, whatever you type related to watching or streaming movies online, most of the websites that appear in Search result are illegal and contain pirated content. They upload all the latest released movies within a week. If they don’t have HD print, they upload a bad quality video for the time being, and then they replace it with HD or Full HD video later when they have it. Google keep penalizing such websites, but every day thousands of new websites are created that makes dealing with them almost impossible. Most of them don’t really upload content on their server, they use the videos or movies uploaded by other users, and let their visitors stream. The video contains malicious and spam ads. So users get so much to deal with.

Now you know what kind of websites are ranked in Google with “watch online movies” “watch HD movies” or “watch free movies” type of search terms. If you don’t want to put your privacy/data at risk, and don’t want to take the risk of paying huge fine, use a legal website, and say goodbye to piracy.

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