A Collection of 123 Movies Sites that go Against DMCA

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What are 123 Movies Sites All About?

123 Movies Sites are the websites that came into existence a couple of years ago and became very popular. Thereafter, hundreds of webmasters created this site because of the popularity of the word 123 Movies. Such websites offer free movie streaming services that people can use around the world. These websites bring movies as soon as they are released. The owner of the websites usually seems to record movies using the camera in the theater or get the copy of HD movies and upload them on the server and let users stream without any payment.

123movies site

The list of 123 Movies Sites that we found on Google After some research and collected them in one place so that DMCA people can notice and take action against such piracy:

  • https://ww2.123movies.domains/
  • https://www1.is123moviesfree.com/
  • https://www.123moviesla.com/
  • https://movies123.pro/
  • https://ww1.123movie.page/
  • https://123movieshub.vip/
  • https://www.123moviesfull.su/
  • https://to123movies.com
  • https://123moviespro.net/
  • https://w1.123movie.cc/
  • https://www.123moviesback.org/
  • https://www.123movies.design/
  • https://123movies.dj/
  • http://123moviespower.com/
  • https://123moviesez.com/
  • https://123moviesto.co/
  • https://www3.123movie.la/
  • https://123movies.tips/
  • https://www3.123movie.la/
  • https://c123movies.org/
  • https://movies123.watch/
  • https://www.movies123.biz/
  • https://c123movies.com/
  • https://1234movies.xyz/
  • https://w4.0123movieshub.sc/
  • https://l23movies.fun/
  • https://123moviesone.com/
  • https://123movieshub.gdn/
  • https://123movies.gallery/
  • http://is123movie.com/
  • https://123movies4u.vip/
  • https://www.123moviespedia.com/
  • https://123moviesonline.tv/
  • https://www.123moviespedia.com/
  • http://www9.123movies.net/
  • https://123movieswww.com/
  • https://www9.0123movies.com/
  • https://123moviess.vip/
  • https://123movie.city/
  • https://www.123movies.love/
  • https://w1.0123movies.su/
  • https://123movies.dev/
  • https://www4.123movieshub.cloud/
  • https://ww2.123moviesgohd.com/
  • https://123movies.land/
  • https://www2.123movies.sc/
  • http://i123moviesfree.com/
  • https://gomovies.ltd/
  • https://123movies0.gallery/
  • https://is123movies.site/
  • https://123movies.company/

So there are lots of more websites there are on the Google and Bing Search Engines.

Is it legal to watch Movies on 123 Movies Websites?

No, Not at all. These website owners do not have any copyright to distribute content or stream them online. They are just a bunch of people who try to make money via illegal means.

Should you watch free movies on 123 Movies Websites?

You shouldn’t watch as it goes against DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Watching movies via illegal means is also illegal. So watch the movies in Cinema when they are released. If all the people start watching movies on such websites, there won’t be producers, actors, and directors left to make good movies and invest in those. So appreciate their work and do not use such websites.