Many reasons to say ” Thank You Google “

Thank You Google

We are in the habit of getting advantages of many good things in the world and on the internet, but we are too proud to say “Thank You!” Google has brought many good things to our lives, and everyday we take advantage of those good stuffs, and it’s not all about business.

Reason to say ” Thank You Google “

Google Search

Google Search is the best search engine to find the most relevant information. Whether you need information related to your study/research/project, or you are looking for free books, type in Google, and you will get it.

Useful Free Tools from Google

There are so many free tools that Google has integrated with its Search Engine. Want to check time of any specific country or location? Just type “Time in France.” Want to convert Currency? Just type “Convert 100 USD to Euro.” There are much more you can do. We have already discussed in a separate article about Google Search Tricks.

Google Maps

Forgot an address or location? Ask your friend to share location, and Google Maps’ Navigation feature will take you there. It even tells the travel time depending on the traffic status. You never get lost when you have Google Maps. You can also save location within Google Maps app if you are in the habit of forgetting places. If you don’t know a place, you can also ask Google ” Where am I now ” without quotes.

Unlimited Free Cloud Storage for Photos and Videos

Google Photos app give you unlimited free cloud storage for photos and videos. You can keep all your beautiful memory saved without getting worried about space and subscription fee. Is there any other service provider that offers such a great feature? On top of that you still get Free 15GB on Google Drive to keep your documents. One of the most important reason to say ” Thank You Google. ”

Google Grants

Google Grants is for those who are running non-profit organization. It allows them to advertise with Google, and they get $10,000 free advertisement credit, and up to $40,000 credit for Grantspro participants.

Google Contacts

You never loose your contacts when you let Google Sync contacts of your mobile devices. Google Contacts syncs all your old as well as new contacts, and these contacts can be imported and exported to use on any other device. You can also enable 2-step verification for your Google Account to keep it safe and secure.


You must be thinking that Google makes so much money from YouTube, and that’s the truth. However, YouTube allows to listen to all kind of music files legally. Anything you want to listen or watch on YouTube is legal for you, and you won’t be caught ever in piracy case. You don’t need to pay anything for music or video. Google remove all illegal or copyright content, and if they don’t, Google is responsible, not you. YouTube is also one of the important reason you should say ” Thank You Google, ” and you must have realized if you are paid subscriber of any music service provider.

Along with free streaming, YouTube also allow users to upload videos, and those videos can be shared among other YouTube users, and you can even make money from your uploaded videos. Did you know that you can also record screen with YouTube?

Free Translation

You can use Google Translation to translate normal texts, and it supports all the major language translation. Google also has free tool to translate website, text, documents etc.. You pay nothing for such a useful feature.

There are many other benefits that you get from Google, and you will realize when you think about it.

Now coming to those professionals (Bloggers, Webmasters, SEO Professionals etc.)  who get help from Google to earn money. Google has not just created a search Engine, but they have also given tools to find everything that your profession requires.

Google Keyword Planner

This free tool allows to check how many hits a search query gets each month. So you can work on the keyword properly, and make more money from Google Adsense.

Google Analytics Tool

A great tool to understand your website’s visitors and to know how many hits your blogs get. It even allows to check the live visitors on your website. Google Analytics shows every information you may want to know about your blog, including keywords, most popular content, and so on…

We have already written a separate article with  20 very useful Google URLs for bloggers, you can read it for tools and tips.


If you want to say ” Thank You Google, ” you can use hash tag #ThankYouGoogle on social media, like Google Plus, Twitter, FaceBook etc., and thank Google for its great work.

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