20 important Google URLs that every blogger / Webmaster must know

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If you are in blogging or SEO Profession, we have a list of some important Google URLs that you must know. Pro Bloggers and Webmasters are already aware of these URLs, but it could be very helpful to those who are new to this profession.

2o Important Google URLs for Bloggers / Webmasters / SEO Professionals

1. google.com/webmasters/

This URL is very important for your blog or website. Once you add your website to Google Webmaster tool, Google starts showing your site status, and updates you whenever your website needs any change to make it user/device friendly. It also shows security warnings and errors (if any), linking, search traffic etc. related to your blog. You should also submit your website’s sitemap to allow Google to index your blog properly.

2. feedburner.google.com

You can visit this page to create the feed for your blog or website. It will allow users to subscribe to your website updates providing the email address.

3. analytics.google.com

Google Analytics allows monitoring your website in a proper way. You can check how many visitors your websites get, their country, traffic source, traffic keyword, devices that visitors use to visit your blog, and so on.

4. adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner

This Keyword tool has actually been made for Adword users to check the suggested CPC rate they should choose while starting a campaign with Google. However, this tool also shows the monthly estimated searches for a keyword as well as competition and its trend. So you can use this tool to write keyword rich articles for your blog.

5. google.com/adsense/start

This URL allows creating a Google Adsense Account or log into an existing account. Google Adsense allows blog or website owners to earn money serving Adsense ads. We have already discussed how you can make more money with Google Adsense, so you should read it for full instruction.

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6. google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url

If any content from your blog or website is not indexed by Google, and you don’t see it in Google Search Engine, you can visit this URL. It allows to submit any URL, and then it starts appearing in Google Search Engine in few minutes. However, some blogs may not be indexed if it has been banned or penalized by Google.

7. google.com/webmasters/tools/removals

This is URL removal tool. It allows removing outdated links or URLs from Google Search. It doesn’t mean Google will remove all the URLs you will submit. You can submit any URL visiting this page, all the submitted requests are not successful in preventing misuse of the feature.

8. google.com/dfp/

If you run a blog or website, this URL could be very useful at times. DoubleClick For Publisher (DFP) is a free Ad Server for Small Business (free up to 90M Ad Impression). If you are selling ads directly, you use DFP to serve and monitor impression. Adsense account can also be used as backfill.

9. google.com/recaptcha

This page allows you to use Setup reCAPTCHA for your blog or website. If helps to identify the difference between Bot and Human traffic. Visitors are asked to click in a check box to verify if he/she is human.

10. google.com/admob/

If you are running a free application for smartphone, you can join AdMob to make money by serving ads within an application.

11. translate.google.com/toolkit/docupload

If you have visited a website that is in a language that you don’t understand, this URL can translate webpage for  you. Along with web page translation, it can also translate documents, text, videos’ subtitle etc..

12. domains.google

This URL is for those who wants to buy a new domain, and setup a website. Google offers everything you need.

13. blogger.com

This URL doesn’t have Google word in it, but Google own this. It allows creating blogs for free. You can create your own blog with blogger.com without investing even a single penny. However, your blog URL will look like this; blogname.blogger.com

14. cse.google.com

This URL allows creating a custom search for your blog/website. You can allow users to search within one or some certain sites.

15. plus.google.com

Like FaceBook and Twitter, Google Plus also allows to create pages for Brand, Store, Service etc.. You can also create a page for your blog or website, and promote among users. Google Plus also has so many communities that you can join and connect with other users. Create Google Plus Page now.

16. goo.gl

This is Google’s URL shortener page that allows shrinking a long or clumsy URL. You will also be able to check how many click that URL has received.

17. support.google.com/legal/troubleshooter/1114905/

Don’t let other bloggers steal your work. If someone has used your content without your permission, you can report Google visiting this URL, and Google will remove the Duplicate Content/URL from Google Services including Search Engine.

18. fonts.google.com

Meet Awesome Google fonts, and use it on your website/blog. Google provide the codings to make it simple for you.

19. google.com/trends

If you are looking for some hot topics to write content for your blog. You must visit this URL. It shows the current trend depending on Google Search usage. So you can work on the topic that suits you the best.

20. apps.google.com/products/gmail/

This URL allows creating a custom email address for your business or blog. If your Hosting Service Provider doesn’t offer enough storage for emails, you can sign up with Google.

Please comment below if you know any other Google URL that we missed.