Some Powerful Website’s Keyword Ranking Checker Tool

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There are many websites and SEO tool available on the internet, and you may get confused which one is the best. Some tools don’t show the updated result, and some of them don’t even work. We will tell you some of the best SEO tools that can help you to check the keyword ranking of your website.

Keyword Rank Checker SEO Tools

Google Analytics

Did you know that Google Analytics keeps the record of all search queries, and you can check them whenever you want? Here is how to use Google Analytics, to check the keywords and its ranking for your Website/Blog;

  • Visit Google Analytics from your computer
  • Click on Reporting option
  • Hit Acquisition
  • Click Search Engine Optimization and select Queries

Search Queries Analytics SEO Tool

In the Queries page, you get 5 options; Query, Impressions, Clicks, Average Position and CTR

Query option shows all the search terms (Keyword) that drove traffic to your website, Impression shows how many times it appeared on Search Engine, but users didn’t click on it, Click shows how many times user clicked on the link in Search Engine, Average Position shows the average keyword ranking during the period you have selected in Analytics, and finally CTR (Click Through Rate) compares impression and click to tell how many percentages of visitors clicked. It shows 10 results each page by default, and you can select to show up to 5,000 queries each page.

SEMRush : The best SEO tool ever

You can check the whole keyword of your website on Google Analytics, but how about other websites? If you want to keep an eye on your competitor and check the whole keywords of any other website, nothing can beat SEMRush. There some other websites that do the same job, but none of them covers as many keywords as SEMRush does. Along with keywords check, you can also check the percentage of traffic each keyword is bringing to the website, competition and so on. Along with desktop, you can also check Keyword Ranking for mobile devices. It also shows the CPC rate that can help to boost your income from ads if you work properly on the keyword. Type the domain or keyword below to check, e.g.

Here are some quick features of SEMRush tools

  • Check the whole keywords of any website or blog
  • Check organic traffic that keywords bring to any website
  • Check Keywords ranking in the US, UK or any other country
  • Check top 100 websites ranked by any keyword
  • Check Keyword competition and trend
  • Check all the ranked keyword of a certain webpage or article

Here is an example where you can see information related to WikiHow website.

Free SEO Tool to Check Keyword Ranking

SmallSEOTool has got many SEO tools to check any website or blog related information. Keyword Ranker Checker is one of them. Here is how you can use SmallSEOTool’s Rank Checker

  • Visit SmallSEOTool.Com
  • Enter the domain where it says “Enter URL,” e.g.
  • Type the Keyword in “Your Keywords” field
  • Press Enter after typing each word (one keyword per line). You can type maximum of 5 keywords or minimum 1
  • It will check the keyword ranking in Google.Com by default. If you want to check for any specific country, you need to click on More SEs option and select any of them
  • Page Range option allows to check keyword within top 10 pages of search result by default, but you can check your keyword within top 40 pages for Google Search Result
  • Check the box that says “I’m not a robot,” and verify selecting the correct pictures
  • Click Check Position option and wait for the result

Small SEO Tool Keyword Rank Checker

Cost effective Keyword Rank Checker Software

These days users prefer applications over online tool whether it’s about SEO Tool or any other. CuteRank has made application for Mac and Windows that comes with Free as well as Pro Edition. It has the option to check Keyword ranking on Global Google Search as well as country specific.

Free Edition CutePro SEO Tool

The free edition of its application allows to add just one website, but still allows to check the ranking of unlimited keywords. However, it lacks many other features compared to Pro version of it app.

Google Webmaster Tool

Every Webmaster and Blogger is aware of Google Webmaster Tool, but this guide can help new bloggers who don’t know how to check search traffic and Keywords of their website. Here is step by step guide to help you find Search Traffic trend and Search Clicks for your Website.

Webmaster tool home page

  • Now hit Search Traffic, and select Search Analytics
  • In this page, you will see all the keywords, and search clicks that brought traffic to your website. You can hover mouse pointer on graph line to view search traffic of each specific date
  • The page result can be customized selecting other options, e.g. When you select Pages option, it will show all the pages of your website that received search traffic. In the same way, you can select other options, like Impressions, CTR, Countries, Devices and so on…

Webmaster Tool Search Clicks

Google’s Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner Home PageGoogle’s Keyword Planner tool is not the right option to check whole keywords of any website. It has been made specifically to support AdWord users to find suitable keyword for a certain page. Google Keyword can be used for the following purpose;

  • Get keyword suggestion for a specific web page (not entire website)
  • Check any Keyword’s CPC (suggested CPC for Advertisers)
  • Check Competition of any keyword, Monthly Search Volume, and Search Trend
  • Get Keyword Ideas or Find Similar Keywords

How to use Google Keyword Planner?

  • Visit Google’s AdWord Tool
  • Login with your Google ID and Password
  • Once you get in, click Tool, and select Keyword Planner
  • Now you will get the same page you can see in the screenshot. First Field (your product or service) can be used if you want to check similar keyword, or Keyword’s Suggested bid (CPC), Search Volume, Competition etc., or you can enter the landing page (your website’s page) to allow google to find keywords for you
  • Customize rest of the options according to your desire, and hit Get Ideas

Here is a screenshot where I entered the word Used MacBook” to find detail, and here is what I got

Used MaBook Keyword Planner key check

SERP SEO Tool to check Keyword Ranking for Google and Yahoo

We have already told about many Websites and Tool to check Keyword Ranking, but if you want to check the ranking for Yahoo Search Engine, you can use SERPTool. They allow checking one key at a time for free users. You can select Search Engine as Google or Yahoo, and device as Desktop or Mobile, and it provides the accurate result. It also allows checking the ranking for the exact location that you can define putting the city or ZIP code.

SERP Keyword rank tool

Bing WebMaster Tool

Bing Webmaster ToolAlong with Google, If you also want to concentrate on Bing Search Engine, you should use Bing Webmaster tool. Here is how you can check your own website’s keyword on Bing’s Tool.

  • Visit Bing Webmaster tool
  • Log in with your Microsoft/Outlook/Hotmail ID and Password
  • If you haven’t added your website earlier, add your website first, and verify adding the provided code to your site. You will also have to submit a sitemap to allow Bing to index your blog properly. If you have just added, you will not see any keyword or traffic stuff there. It takes time to gather report
  • If your website is already added, click on your website URL/Name on home page of Bing Webmaster Tool
  • Now hit Report & Data option as shown in the screenshot, and select Page Traffic or Search Keyword. Page traffic option will show the popular pages that brought traffic to your website, and Search Keywords will show your websites’ keyword ranking trend on Bing Search Engine along with CTR and Impressions.

Pro Edition CutePro app (Don’t use this tool anymore. The metric shown by this app is not accurate)

Pro Edition CutePro application costs just $53.95 for a limited time (regular $59.95). Is that expensive? This is not even one month rental price that many users pay for most of the SEO tools. Well, $53.95 is one time price for the application that includes free one year Support and Updates. After a year, you need to pay $10 each month if you want the update, but you are free to use the app for lifetime without paying that $10 if you don’t want an update.

The Pro version allows to add unlimited number of websites. You can also generate report in PDF or HTML file, Track and compare your website ranking with competitor, and it can also be used for commercial purpose. Don’t forget to try free version before you pay for Pro.

Download Free or Pro Version Here

Conclusion (after testing all the Keyword Tools)

Google Analytics and Webmaster tool is the best way to monitor your own website. However, this is not that can help you earn more and rank your website if you are a blogger. You will have to keep finding new keywords from similar websites, and also check the CPC rate and Competition level to check if you can rank your website with that key or not. If you are running a Service site, then serving ads may not be your concern, but you still need some good keyword to rank, and keep an eye on your competitor. Considering all the facts, I didn’t find any Keyword Tool that can beat SEMRush. SEMRush comes with limited access for free users, their Pro plan starts from $69.95. If you know any other tool that works better, please comment below.