Why Every Blogger and Service Provider Must Use SEMRush Keyword Research Tool

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There are many Keyword Rank Checker tools that we have already discussed, the list includes Google Keyword Planner, Analytics, Webmaster Tool, SERP, Small SEO Tool, SEMRush etc.. However, SEMRush has the ability to beat all of the rest, even Google’s Keyword Planner. It is a perfect way to monitor keywords of your website, its ranking and keep an eye on your competitors’ keywords and ranking. Whether you are running a service site or a blog, you must know what keywords to choose that can benefit your website in a proper way. Here is everything you should know about SEMRush Keyword Research Tool.

Why every blogger and website owner must use SEMRush Keyword Research Tool

1. Get to know all the Keywords of any Blog/Website, including Sub Domains and All Web Pages

SEMRush reveals almost all the keywords of any website that are driving traffic to a blog. All you have to do is enter the type the domain (e.g. example.com), and hit Enter key. You can also enter the full URL of any web page or article. Now you will see the list of Keywords, their Search Engine Ranking, Ups and Downs in Ranking, URL of the page that is ranked, CPC Rate and so on. There is no Keyword Research Tool that can reveal as many keywords as SEMRush can do.

SEMRUSH Tool Screenshot

You can also customize the result. For example, clicking on Volume option will show you the Keywords with the highest search volume, CPC option will show the keywords with the highest CPC rate, and so on…

2. Keywords Based on a Specific Country and Mobile Devices

If you haven’t selected the country while typing the URL, it will show only those keywords that are ranked in the US. Google search result is not the same for all countries, so a keyword that holds the 2nd position in the US can be on the 5th page in other countries. SEMRush allows to select the location manually and brings the ranked keywords based on Specific country. You can select the country from the top of the page.

Search Keywords by Country

To get the keyword report based on Mobile Device, you can simply click on Mobile option. However, please note that Mobile Matrix is available for the US only.

Mobile Keywords

4. Boost Your Ranking in Search Engine

When you know all the Keywords of your website, you can work on those Keywords that can be ranked easily. Keywords holding the 20th position in Google Search is easier to bring in the first page compared to those holding the 90th position. So you will actually come to know where to work.

5. Find New Keywords to Work on and Keep an Eye on Competitor

SEMRush can also be used to find new keywords to work on. Find Similar websites, and check their keywords, it will help you to find many new keywords, and write keyword optimized content. You can enter your competitors URL to find out where they stand. You can check all the Keywords of any competitor. If you don’t know your competitors, SEMRush has a dedicated table that can help in your research.

Competitors keywords

6. Type any keyword to find its search matrix and related keywords

Instead of typing a webpage URL or domain name, you can also type any keyword. It will show top 100 websites ranked by that keyword, search volume, CPC rate, and many similar and related keywords.

iPhone 7 Keyword Search Matrix

7. Make More Money with Adsense

Now you know how to find the keywords that can bring more traffic and better CPC rate. All you have to do is work on those keywords and write keyword optimized contents. However, don’t force the keyword within articles. Write quality contents for readers, and it will rank automatically. You can find many contents in Google search that hold the first position without a single backlink. Any article or website takes some time to rank, so you need to have patience. You should also work on your website load time. Apply these tips on your Blog, and your Adsense earning will increase for sure

What else you can do with SEMRush

  • You can check the backlinks to your website/blog
  • There are tools for advertising research
  • Make a Domain vs Domain Comparison
  • Export the Data

How much does SEMRush cost

SEMRush allows to check 10 keywords on any websites for free, but just for a couple of times. If you want to check more keywords, you can join SEMRush for $69.95 each month.

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