How to translate Website, PDF, Word, Web Page and text

There are times when you don’t understand the language of a Website, Web Page, PDF, Word (Doc, Docx) and Text document. In such situation, you need a translator to help you understand the stuffs. There are so many paid services that can translate the documents or web pages, but we are here to tell you the best translation service that comes for free. However, please understand that an Automatic translation done by an App or online service can never be perfect, but it can certainly help you understand the document/file/text.

How to Translate PDF and Text (.pdf and .txt file)

How to translate PDF file and text

  • Locate the PDF or Text file and upload there
  • By default Detect language will be selected at the left, and it detects the language automatically from source file
  • Now at the right side, please select the language you want the file to be translated into
  • Click on Translate
  • It will take little time, depending on the file size you want to translate, and then the translated page will appear

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How to translate Website, Web page, Word (.doc/.docx) files

The first translation option we mentioned, don’t supports URLs or Word files, so you need to use another tool. This tool is also provided by Google, and costs nothing. This tool can translate the file, and allows you to edit and save as well. However, please use the first one for PDF translation, as it doesn’t support a PDF file

How to translate Website word or other file

  • Select the Language you want the file to be translated into. if the language doesn’t appear there, type in search field, and then select
  • Now click on Next
  • It will process the translation, and will show a new page that will look like it’s a paid service, but it’s just an sponsored ad. So ignore this page
  • At the bottom of the page, click on No Thanks, I will translate myself or invite friends for help
  • Now it will take you to a page where your all translated files are stored automatically (just like screenshot below). Click on the file that you just translated, and you can read, edit/modify and save. It shows 0 percent complete, but it’s already translated.

Google translator page

Along with such files, it can also translate YouTube Captions, SubRIP (.SRT), SubViewer (.SUB)., Chrome Extension (.JSON), iOS Applications (.STRINGS) etc..

So Google provides a quick, easy and free way to translate website, web page, text, PDF, Word etc.. If you still face any issue, please comment below.

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