How to get free unlimited cloud storage with Google?

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Unlimited free cloud storage for photos and videos

Sounds tricky? No, It’s simple. You don’t need any hack or trick to get free unlimited Cloud Storage with Google. Free storage limit has not increased and will remain 15 GB, but you need to take care a couple of things to avail this.

You can get unlimited free storage for your Photos and Videos as long as :

1) Your photos’ resolution : Under 16 MP

2) Videos’ resolution : Up to 1080 Pixels

You also get unlimited free storage for all the documents created using Docs, Sheets and Slides

Unlimited free cloud storage with Google

So what takes the space in your free 15 GB Storage or the storage limit (whatever you have) if you are a paid user?

1) Anything sent in mail attachment uses the storage

2) Any photo that is larger than 16 MP

3) Any video that goes over 1080 pixels resolution

Is it only for Android Users?

Nope! Available for Android, iOS and Across the web….. So anyone can use it. App is already available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store that you can download for free.

Now you don’t need to think so much about the size of your photos and videos. 16 MP for photos and 1080 pixels for videos are more than enough for any smartphone users, but a professional who use high quality camera (ex: DSLR) will face problem to manage with that limit and will end up using fee space/buying extra storage/using other sources to manage their high quality photos and videos.

If we talk about other cloud storage options, there is no one to compete this offer what Google has started offering. I am an iPhone users, and Apple provides just 5GB in iCloud for everything you have on your iPhone, iPad or Mac that really sucks. I ended up using OneDrive that provides 15 GB, and once you install their app and turn on Auto photo backup, then they offer another 15 GB. In total, I got 30 GB from Microsoft’s OneDrive when Google had just 15 GB. Amazon cloud storage has also good offer, but Google got something great. Now Google has offered something that is really hard to ignore, isn’t it? I will transfer old photos to Google and will make it primary storage for my photos and videos. I am a user after all. Hahahaha!

The best thing is that you don’t need to keep deleting all old memories when you are making a new one. Keep everything you love. One more thing you would love that Google allows to edit photos, create collages, make animations photos to make your memory alive and much more. You can also share the link with your friends and family of a single photo or even any album that has hundred of photos, and your friend can visit the link to see them all. Now you have free unlimited cloud storage with cool features. How cool it is!