Microsoft will provide free 15GB storage with OneDrive as well as cheaper rates on paid plans

One Drive 15GB offer

Microsoft is ready to compete Google now in terms of cloud storage. OneDrive used be far expensive than Google Drive’s storage plan, but it’s going to be cheaper now. Today, Microsoft announced that they will provide 15GB OneDrive storage to its free users. It’s exactly the same what you get with Google Drive.

Let me tell you about the paid plans now. There is really a great decrease in the OneDrive paid plans, rather you can say there is increment in the storage limit. Users with Office 365 Subscription had 20GB storage limit, and they were paying $6.99 per month individually, though with the family plan, 5 users could get 20GB for each one of them paying $9.99 per month. Now this 20GB has been boosted to 1TB. So the prices will remain the same, but each user can get 1TB for 5 person in case of Office 365 home, and 1TB for one user if holding an individual plan.

Another great announcement made by Microsoft is; you can get 200GB storage for $3.99 and 100GB storage for $1.99. If you remember, Microsoft used to charge $11.49 for 200GB and $7.49 for 100GB. So, there is really a great decrease in the price. Google charges the same for 100GB storage, though Google doesn’t have 200GB option, and if you need more from Google needs to go for 1TB and so on. 1TB storage from Google costs $9.99.

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