Amazon Cloud Storage free for up to 12 months

Amazon Cloud Storage Service detail with free trail for 12 months

Amazon has a number of plans for its customer for storage, and there are some great plans that makes Amazon Cloud Storage competitive in the market. It is one of the trusted company that deals in cloud storage.

Here are some most popular Amazon Cloud Storage Plans

Unlimited Amazon Cloud Storage for Photos

Amazon allows you to upload unlimited photos on its cloud storage for $ 11.99 per year only. Along with unlimited photos capacity, you also get 5 GB free that can be used for uploading videos or other files.

Did you know that an Amazon Prime customer pay nothing to get this Unlimited Free Cloud Storage? Yes, you can avail it now if you never knew about it. This is the best plan for photographers, and anyone who are in the habit of capturing memories to keep them alive. You also get free 3 months trial, and then Amazon starts charging you every month.

However, this plan is not that popular as it used to be after Google announced to provide Free unlimited cloud storage for photos up to 16 MP and videos up to 1080 pixels.

Amazon cloud Storage Plan for unlimited photos and Unlimited files


Unlimited Amazon Cloud Storage for all files

If you want to keep your all data secure without thinking about the storage limit, this storage plan could be the best plan for you. You get free 3 months trial for this plan as well, and then Amazon starts charging you $ 59.99 each year. You get unlimited access to upload anything you want.

You can access your files from Amazon Cloud storage whenever you wish as long as you have internet connection. Amazon has its cloud storage app for desktop as well as smartphones. You can download the Amazon cloud storage app for mobile from Apple’s app store, Google’s Play Store and Amazon’s app store.

Apart form this, Amazon have more plans. Have you heard of AWS? It’s Amazon Web Services (AWS), that provides storages and content delivery services, Virtual Private Cloud, Virtual Private Server and many more. Amazon S3 is one of the Storage and Content Delivery Plan that we will also talk about, because it also has some free benefit for one year.

Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is a pay as you go plan, also known as Amazon’s Scalable Storage in the Cloud. There is no minimum fee that you are bound to pay. You pay for what you use. if there is no usage, you are charged nothing.

Once you create your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Account, you will have opportunity to have free trial for one of 21 products for 12 months with certain usage limit. These are three storage plan in the image below, and you can check rest of the 18 products on Amazon’s websites that can be availed as free trial (

Amazon cloud Storage Free trial for 12 months

The more you use, the lower storage pricing goes per GB. For ex : if you are under 1TB, you need to pay $0.03 per GB for standard storage, and if you go over 5000 TB, it will cost you $0.0275 per GB. There are more plans in between. If you choose Glacier Storage (Low cost archive storage in the cloud), you will pay as low as 0.01 GB per GB regardless the usage limit.

Amazon cloud storage S3 Pricing detail

Amazon charges nothing for any inbound data transfer, but you get charged for data transfer out from Amazon S3 to Internet. The more data transfer you have, the lesser you will be charged for each GB transferred. For 1GB data transfer out, there is no charger. After 1 GB, you will be charged $ 0.09 per GB up to 10 TB, $0.085 per GB up to 40 TB, $0.070 per GB up to 100 TB and so on….

The pricing for Amazon Cloud storage plan and data transfer varies for different region and storage type. To get the full pricing detail of Amazon S3 Plan, you can visit this URL :

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