Tips to get unlimited free cloud storage

get unlimited free cloud storage

Unlimited free cloud storage is something that you don’t find easily. Every account has some limit. Whether you use Google Dive, Amazon Cloud Storage or OneDrive, all the companies have some limit. However, Google Photos give you unlimited free cloud storage for your photos under 16 MP and Videos under 1080 p, but for other files the storage limit will decrease gradually. You can have multiple cloud accounts from different companies, but that makes it difficult to access files as you need to login different accounts every time you want to access your them.

How to get unlimited free Cloud Storage

What if you can combine different accounts at one place and access all your files? Yes, it is possible. CloudBacko gives you the freedom to combine your multiple accounts at one place and pump up your storage. For example : You have three cloud accounts including DropBox, OneDrive and Google Drive, and you can combine all of them together to access your files at one place. Isn’t it amazing? You can keep adding the accounts as and when you need more storage.

As it can combine multiple cloud accounts and give you unlimited free cloud storage, users may be worried about the security. CloudBacko promises to provide full security to your files. It encrypts your files as well as its names with 256-bit truly randomized key that makes your files fully secure and no one can read it. CloudBacko can backup your data to most of the major cloud storage, like Microsoft Azure, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Rackspace, OpenStack, FTP/SFTP etc. Not even that, you can also backup your data in your local storage using its software.

CloudBacko’s unlimited free cloud storage trick seems good, but its app is only available for Windows and Mac. So there is no mobile app. This is the dark side that will make many users to skip this. However, if you are worried only about your computer data and files, then this is a great option for you.

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