Make your own personal cloud storage with Brease

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Brease personal cloud storage

Could storage is so important if you want to keep your file safe, secure and boost the storage capacity, but how about personal and unlimited cloud storage? You must be thinking it’s going to cost an arm and a leg, but it’s completely NO, NO. You could start with as less as $ 79.

Making you own cloud storage is very easy and secure with Brease. You can do it in few steps only. Once you buy the device, connect it to your internet modem or router┬ávia ethernet cable, install Brease app on your smartphone, scan the custom patter what you will find on the back of the device. Your device is ready, and now you can connect any physical storage in the Brease’s USB 3.0 Port (ex: USB storage stick, external hard drives etc). Whether it is 8 GB or 8 TB, you are good to go. You can connect more hard drives as per your requirement.

You can access this cloud storage from anywhere and using any device, and can also share files with your friends and family, and give them some space in your cloud storage. When you give someone access to your files, you can limit them to read only mode to full access.



Concerned about security?

First of all Brease provides AES 256-bit encryption to your data, and it also generates a security key when a new device is connected for the first time. So that key is saved in your device as well as Brease, so whenever you try to access you files, it will match the key. If someone try to hack your data or access the file using a new device, they will not have access to any files even they put the right credential, because the security key will not match.

Using Brease you can not back up your files only, but also the physical storage drives connected to Brease (back up one physical drive to another). It’s Kickstarter project which is on the go, and the first shipment will be done on Feb 16th, 2015 and retail launch will happen in April, 2016.