Apple A9 and A9X Benchmark Score Leaked

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Apple A9 And A9X benchmark score

Apple users must be waiting for the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and the next generation iPad. You need to wait until this fall, but we have got something that you may be interested. We already know that iPhone 6s and 6s plus will features Apple A9 chip, and the next generation of iPad (iPad Pro) will feature Apple A9X chip. There is rumor that Apple would not launch iPad Air 3, and the iPad Pro series will take its place. Apple knows well, but we will take a look at the score of the new Chipset

Apple A9 Benchmark Score

Apple A9 benchmark scoreIt’s in Korean, so let me explain. In GeekBench benchmark test, Apple A9 chip gets 3569 Multi-thread score and 2090 for single core. The performance has boosted more than 28% compared to Apple A8 chipset. However, don’t expect more than a dual-core processor.

A9 chip has scored 30.3 in Manhattan and 66fps in T-Rex Off Screen Score. So the graphic performance has been upgraded more than Performance. Apple A8 has already done a great job in graphic performance, and A9 is ready to make it better,

Update : Here is updated Apple A9 benchmark plus comparison with Exynos 7420

Apple A9X Benchmark Score

Apple A9X benchmark score

A9X has got better as well. It scored 2109 in single core performance and 5101 in multi-thread compared to 1812 single core score and 4477 multi-core in A8X chipset. There is no confirmation that it would be a three-core processor or Apple will change something. According to performance score, I am damn sure it will feature the same three-core score.

Apple fall event is expected to be held on 9 September, and we will know all about release.