Apple fall iPhone Event 2015 will take place on 9 September

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Apple Fall iPhone even 2015 will be held on 9 september

We have been waiting for the new iPhones that will be announced on Apple fall iPhone event 2015 that takes place once a year. Buzzfeed has been informed by some source that are familiar with Apple plan that Apple is planning for one special event in the week of September 7th. September 9th is the most likely date when the event will be held, as Apple did it last year on 9 September.

Apple fall iPhone Event 2015 will have these announcements

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus : Users are waiting eagerly to see the new iPhone with forced touch display, improved camera, wireless chip, more RAM etc.. Users know the device will not have any changes in terms of design, but the A9 chip and other improvements will bring a faster and better iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

iPad Pro and Apple TV : iPhones are certain to be announced, but we can also hear about new iPad Pro and Apple TV. iPad Pro has been rumored to have a 12.9-inch large display that would be the biggest iPhone Apple has even made. iPad Air 2 had a 9.7-inch display, triple-core processor, and 2K display. iPad Pro may have a quad-core processor to make the device to run faster and smoothly.

New Apple TV was expected to be announced in June, but it didn’t happen. So it could be announced now in Apple fall iPhone event 2015. The new TV is expected to have A8 chip with faster processor, a new remote control and Siri voice assistant feature.

Apple fall iPhone event 2015 will also bring iOS 9, that will have a news feed app like FlipBoard, improved spotlight search and Siri as well as other improvements. However, we got the iOS 9 wallpapers before its launch that you can download

Will you buy iPhone 6s or 6s plus or wait for the new design that iPhone 7 will bring?