Leaked Metal Housing Images of iPhone 6s

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iPhone 6S back Metal Housing

iPhone 6s leaked metal housing images clear many things about the long rumored iPhone 6s. It was rumored to have dual-lens camera, but that rumor will remain rumor. iPhone 6s will have same kind of Camera and Lens as its predecessor, but the Camera Quality and Pixels will be be improved. The Antenna at back was also expected to remove as Apple filed a patent to hide Antenna line at the back, but the housing design shows that the Antenna line will still present. This is still about iPhone 6s, but iPhone 6s Plus will still have something different.

iPhone 6S Speaker, charger and headphone port

Charging Port, microphone port, speaker, Volume and Power Button will be at the same place where it was in its predecessor. The logo looks little deeper than usual iPhone’s logo. If I say that the logo looks like a Macbook logo, it won’t be wrong. Will iPhone 6s have illuminating logo? Nobody knows at this time.

We have already heard that iPhone 6s and 6s Plus both have entered into early production. They will feature Apple’s A9 chipset and Force Touch feature that already exists in Apple Watch and Some MacBooks. There are various rumors about the camera. Some says it would have 10-megapixel and some expect to have 12-megapixel. This could only be confirmed after official announcement.

iPhone 6S metal housing inside look

iPhone 6s inside logo look

iPhone 6s metal housing side look