Samsung manufactures the A9 Chip, future processor of apple mobile devices

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Samsung has already begun manufacturing the A9 chip that Apple probably incorporates the iPhone next year.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were the first devices Apple to bring with the A8 processor architecture that shares 64 Bits (Cyclone) with the A7, but it wasn’t a big jump in energy improvements, due to lower speed from 28 to 20 nanometers. Though it has been a few months since the release of both terminals, Apple is already preparing models of next year, but not sure if these are rumors regarding iPad Pro. According to reports from PhoneArena, Samsung would be responsible for making the new A9 chip, and it would deliver A9 samples to Apple.

Another year, Apple would have debated between choosing to Samsung as a manufacturer or do so with its main competitor, TSMC. They say, ultimately would have been decided by Koreans because they already have ready production process chip 14nm, while TSMC could not produce 16 nm in the second half of next year, a date very late for a workstation very likely that Apple will begin shipping soon. However, it is not entirely clear that at the end of the process couldn’t be shared between both companies.

By reducing the 14nm, the A9 get reduced its consumption by 35% over the A8, which already greatly reduced compared to A7. Regarding performance, the jump would be less than the current generation, which has achieved a 25% improvement, down to 20%. In any case, I do not think the performance is something that worries today to Apple, which has already proven brute force with A8X iPad Air 2. Better autonomy due to improvements in consumption between the processor and the GPU, I think would be a measure that current iPhone users would be appreciated more. With the probable inclusion of more speedy RAM, the future performance of the iPhone with the A9 will be fully guaranteed.