Some SEO Tools and Websites that every blogger should use

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Today we will tell you about some very useful websites that every blogger must use. We will not include any Google Products or Websites, like Webmaster Tool, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Keyword Planner etc. because we have already included all of them when we wrote about important Google URLs for bloggers.

Some SEO Tools and Websites that every blogger should use

Duplicate Word Finder (Keyword Density Checker)

Why should you even use this tool? Using the same words too many times in an article makes it less impressive. If you are trying to rank a keyword and you stuff your article with that keyword way too many times, this will have a negative impact. You should not use the keyword in an article more than 3 to 4 times. You can rather use some synonymous words. For example, if you are trying to rank the Keyword Crazy Games, you can also use Insane Games, Mad Gaming, etc.

Script Compressor

JavaScript and CSS are supposed to be minified before adding them to your website. It will decrease the size of the script and make your website load faster. You can use JS Minifier and CSS Minifier tools that can do the job with just a click. Your scripts are just one click away from being compressed. It will also help you get a better score on Google Pagespeed Insight. GT Metrix and other tools.



This website provides so many free SEO and other tools that you can use without spending a single penny. Whether you want to check uniqueness of an article or keyword position. SmallSEOTools has so much to offer, and you can take advantage of these free tools. Among all, these 2 are the most important free tools you can use for free.

  • Keyword Position Checker : This tool lets you check Keyword Position of any website under up to 400 positions (40 Google search result pages). It allows checking keyword position in the US, UK, INDIA, and many other regions. You are allowed checking 5 keywords at a time.
  • Plagiarism Checker : If you have hired a writer who writes content for your blog or website, you must verify if the article written by him is unique, or he is just doing copy & paste. You can use this tool to check article uniqueness for free. There is a limit of 1000 words, so you will have to check multiple times if the content consists more than 1000 words.



Grammarly helps to write error-free content. It is available as an extension for Internet Browsers or app for Mac and PCs. It finds grammar and spelling errors and highlights them. Whether you are writing and email or a blog post, Grammarly will find the error and will show you possible fix. A free version of Grammarly app or extension comes with a limited feature, but it is good enough to test how it works. You can upgrade to the premium version for $139.95 / year, and it you don’t like it ask for a full refund within 7 days. If you want to write content without grammatical mistakes, Grammary subscription is essential.

GTMetrix.Com or PingDom.Com

Pingdom Website Speed test

GTMetrix and PingDom both the websites can be used to perform website speed test. These websites let you check load time of your website for some specific locations, and also shows a detailed view what things are affecting. A website must load faster, else visitors will leave your webpage, and look for the same information on other websites. A slower website cannot rank in Google, so you should try your best to make it as fast as possible. Please read our detailed article how you can make a website load faster.

HubPost’s Blog Topic Generator


Many times we are not sure what to write about. If this is the case, you can use HubPost’s Blog Topic Generator page, and fill the given field, and it will generate a topic for you. The topic generated by them may not be dramatically correct, but you get an idea what you can write about. Tweak the topic, and make it fit for your blog. You don’t need to register to use this free tool.


SEMRush Keyword

Writing content will never help when you have no idea what can benefit you. Whether you want to make more money with AdSense or want to get more leads, you must target keywords and work on it to rank. SEMRush lets you explore almost all the keywords of any website, and you can also type a keyword to get suggestion and similar keywords. It shows the estimated traffic a Keyword is driving to a website, its competition level, CPC Rate etc.. All these awesome features makes SEMRush a great SEO tool that you must use. You are limited to 10 keywords if you don’t subscribe to the premium service, but it’s worth to give a try.

MOZ Tool to find business appearance in Search Engine


It is an essential tool for those running any type of business. You can type your business name and ZIP code to see how complete your listing is on each search engine. It checks your business listing on Google, Bing, FaceBook, Yellow Pages, Foursquare etc.


BuzzSumo deals in various products, like Content Research and Planning, Competitor Research, BackLink Checker, etc.. One of the very useful features is Content Discovery that lets you find out the most popular content by its sharing count on social media platform. You are limited to 5 results as a free user. The premium service starts from $99.



This website comes with many useful tools to help you rank your blog. These are some of the important tools that AHREFS offer;

  • Keyword Explorer and Rank Checker
  • KeyWord Research to find relevant and similar keywords along with monthly search information
  • Backlink Checker
  • Competitor Research
  • Content Explorer
  • Paid Search/PPC Detail for the domain

It’s a very good site, but you will not like the time it takes to update many keywords. After using it for a month, I found many of the keywords that were not updated even in a whole month. It doesn’t happen with all the keywords, though.


This website lets you create Robot.txt file that you can upload to the root directory of your blog or website. Robot.txt is very important for any website, it tells Google what to crawl/index and what to skip. While creating Robot.txt file on this website, you are given the option include a page, category or directory that you don’t want to get indexed.


It will tell you what websites are built with. You can know following things about a website;

  • Website Platform (WordPress, Joomla, Blogger etc.)
  • Caching System Provider
  • Plugins or Add-ons used in the website
  • Web Server
  • Email Server
  • Ad Networks
  • Analytics and Tracking Usage etc.


This website can be used to find out what theme a blog or website is using provided that site is using WordPress Platform. However, it may fail to tell you theme name if the site owner has customized the theme and change theme name.

CopyScape is all about plagiarism and content. It allows checking the uniqueness of a content. Plagiarism can also be checked by using the URL of any article. It can check external and your own website to find duplicate content. You can also compare 2 different sites to find out plagiarism issue.


These are some useful tools that you can use on SEOSiteCheckUp website;

  • Google Search Result Preview tool shows how your website looks in search result
  • Robot.txt and Sitemap Test let you know if there are any issues with Robot.txt or Sitemap file
  • Image Alt Test Checker
  • Backlink Checker
  • JavaScript Checker
  • GZIP Checker
  • Page Cache Test
  • JavaScript and CSS Minification Checker, and many other tools…


This website provides keyword suggestions and similar keywords along with Traffic, Competition, Search Volume, and CPC Rate. Along with Google, it can also be used as Keyword Tool for YouTube, Bing, App Store and Amazon. If you are not a premium user, you are limited to viewing keywords only, rest of the data will be hidden to you.


CrazyEgg could be very useful if you are getting huge traffic, but you realize that visitors are not clicking on the ads, not subscribing your blog or not buying a product. It lets you see where visitors click on your pages that can help you decide what you should put in those places. It also lets you see how far visitors scroll on your website, and where they leave your page.

Bing Webmaster Tool

Concentrating on Google Search is a good habit, but don’t forget Bing. Bing is the second most popular search engine, and Yahoo also shows the search result based on Bing. So you must join Bing Webmaster tool and submit a sitemap for your site to let it index in a proper way.

 Some Platforms / URLs to Start Blogging Without Spending a Dime

If you are damn interested in blogging, you should buy a domain and hosting plan, then start your blog. WordPress is the best platform if you are not good with coding and web development. However, if you want to blog for fun, you can use any of these websites.

  1. Blogger.Com
  2. Sites.Google.Com
  3. Weebly.Com
  4. Tumblr.Com
  5. WordPress.Com