Best Free Image editing Apps for iPhone and Android Devices

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Photo editing apps are very useful to make your photo look awesome, it allows to apply filters, effects etc.. There are thousands of free photo editing apps that can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store, so it could be little tough to find the best one for you. We will tell you about some cool image editing apps in this article.

Best Free Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android



Faceapp has become one of the most popular photo editor application in a short period of time. The app comes with many great features that allow you to change your style and the way you look. It’s not just about the filter, but some more great things that the app can do.

Faceapp is probably the best app so far that detects your face and allows to make you look older and younger. It seems someone has finally programmed Face Detection feature correctly. However, the app only changes your face. So if you are young and want to make yourself look older using the app that means just your face will look older and not the other parts of your body. You get to use just a few features for free that also applies Watermark on the picture. If you want to unlock all the features, you will have to subscribe to its premium subscription. So it’s going to an ongoing monthly/yearly expenditure that also makes FaceTime one of the most expensive app. You can still enjoy free trial and test of the features.

Get it Now for Free: Android Users   |   iOS Users   

PicsArt Photo Studio: Picture Editor Collage Maker


This app has been downloaded by over 300 million users because of the many amazing features that it includes. There are thousands of photo editing features, including effects, filters, and many other editing tools. If you want to square a photo to make it fit for Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp, Picsart has Photo squarer feature that can be used. There are many other useful tools, like Photo Collage Maker, Photo Blender, Border, Frame, Mask, Shape, etc.. They have recently added Magic effect to the app, effects under this option are similar to those found in Prisma.

Download Picsart Now: Android Users   |   iPhone Users

Prisma: Free Photo Editor, Art Filters Pic Effects


Prisma was initially released in June 2016, but now it has become one of the most popular photo editing application just in few months. Earlier it was not possible to use Prisma app without the internet, but later they released a new update that made most of the effects available in offline mode for iOS. Prisma comes with many cool artwork effects that were not available in other Photo Editing Apps, and it is the only reason that helped Prisma gain millions of users in a couple of months. Most of the free Photo Editing Apps leave Watermark on the image, but you can remove the watermark from Prisma without paying even a single penny. You can capture a new image using Prisma app, and apply effects, or an existing image can also be used.

Download Prisma: Android   |   iPhone



Retrica iOS app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that is running iOS 8.0 or newer version. If you are an Android user, make sure your device is running Android 4.0.3 or newer version. It is free to download and use, and it is available in 18 different languages so far. The app comes with great filters to let you capture awesome and selfies, and you can also use existing photos to apply filters on them. There are over 100 filters that you can apply on photos, and there are also some cool stamps originally created by Retrica for its app. Along with applying filters, you can also use the Retrica app to make GIFs, create photo collage, and record videos with real-time filters. The only thing you may not like is the Watermark. Retrica app leaves Retrica watermark on every image you edit or capture with this app, but you can use a different stamp that will replace Retrica with the one you use.

Download Retrica: Android Devices   |   iOS Devices

B612 – Selfie from the heart


B612 app has been developed and sold by Line Corporation on App Store and Google Play Store. This is another application that lets you capture awesome selfies. There are many great things you can do with this app. B612 lets you apply real-time filters while capturing photos, or you can use any photos that you capture earlier, and make it look awesome with cool effects. Here are some features of the app;

  • Apply filters in real-time or use any existing photo.
  • Capture continuous photos and put it in a collage.
  • Apply animated masks on your face in real-time, capture videos or take a photo.
  • Work with the front as well as the rear camera.
  • Captured or edited photos can be saved or shared on social media.

Download B612 App: Android Devices    |   iOS Devices

PIP Camera & InstaMag: Collage Maker and Photo Editor


PIP Camera & InstaMag both have been developed by Fotoable Inc. You can put yourself on some cool objects, make beautiful and stylish collages, apply amazing effects and filters, and make yourself a star featuring your image on a magazine cover. There is one strange thing. PIP Camera for Android app includes all PIP camera feature you can find for its iPhone app Plus the feature of InstaMag app. However, iPhone users need to download an additional app as InstaMag if they want to put themselves in a magazine.

Download PIP Camera: Android Users   |   iPhone Users

Download InstaMag: iOS Users Only (Android users don’t need it, PIP Camera will do its job)

Canva – Graphic Design & Photo Editing (iOS Only)


Canva app is currently available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only. If you don’t own any iOS device, you can use Canva web interface. Canva app is the best photo editing app for those who need amazing images for their social media account. It allows to make a cover for FaceBook, Header of Twitter, Instagram Post, etc.. You can also use Canva to make graphic design for blogs, make invitation cards, apply filters/effects, add texts & clipart to photos and so on…

Download Now: Android Users   |   iOS Users

Snapseed by Google inc.


Snapseed is one of the best photo-editing application. The app is completely free, it doesn’t come with any in-app purchase option. Snapseed app has many awesome photo editing tools, like filters, effects, crop, rotation, healing, Vignette, etc.. Vignette feature is kind of cool as it let users apply soft darkness around the corner of the image. Snapseed allows to add focus to any specific area of the image, like face, eyes, etc.. Black & White and Vintage effect can make the photo really amazing. Along with all these features, a user can also apply frames and text on his/her photos.

Download Snapseed: Play Store   |    App Store

Pixlr – Photo Editor for Collages, Effects, Overlays, and Filters


Pixlr is available as apps and web interface. The app is very popular among users, it has been downloaded by over 50-million users. You can do these things with Pixlr app on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch;

  • Create photo collages that come with many other choices, like Space, Background, etc..
  • Balance color manually or use an auto-fix feature that will do the job with one tap.
  • Make your photo look like a drawing, sketch, poster, etc. with many available effects.
  • Pixlr can also be used to remove red-eyes, blemishes or to whiten your teeth.
  • Apply Mask and filters to photos.
  • Save images or share with friends and family on social media or via the social messaging application.

Download Pixlr: For Android    |    For iPhone

Skitch: Snap, Mark Up & Send (iOS Only)

skitch app

Skitch app has been developed by Evernote, and it could be very useful at times. You can capture a photo, and mark it with Skitch app to highlight an area. There are times when we want to blur a certain area of the image to hide something, so you can pixelate image with Skitch app. It also allows to open PDF files and highlight area, but PDF feature is available with Evernote premium account, or you can use in-app purchase.

Download from App Store

These apps are very useful to do much more than simple photo editing, but not mandatory to download. Android and iPhone both come with some simple editing options, e.g. filters, color adjustment, crop, rotation, etc.. These features are preloaded in most of the smartphones. Apps are still useful when you want to do much more than editing.

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