How to watermark a photo on Mac without Photoshop or other Photo Editing Apps

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While using Google Image Search, you must have found many photos with watermark on it. People usually don’t use or avoid using images with watermark on it. This is because they understand the copyright thing or the image with watermark doesn’t look good to them. Watermark is used to secure images from unauthorized access. You can use Watermark all over the images or anywhere on the image you want.

There are many applications and online tools that people use to watermark an image. But, I will tell you how you can watermark a photo without any third party application, like Photoshop or other photo editing apps. A Mac user can use Keynote application to watermark any photo. Keynote application comes preinstalled on all latest Mac.

How to Water Mark a Photo on Mac With the Help of Keynote Application

  • Launch Keynote application on Mac.
  • Add an image by dragging and dropping into Keynote. Adjust the image size according to your desire.
  • Click on (Text) option, and type the word you want to use as Watermark for the image. Adjust text color, size, font etc..


  • Now drag the word or texts anywhere on the image, and then select Arrange tab on the screen. Make sure text is selected.
  • Rotate the text in any direction you want.


  • Select the Style tab now, and decrease Capacity to make dim. It will look like Watermark now.


  • Now copy the Watermark text you have made, and paste it on image as many times as you need.


  • Drag and drop them on the image where you want.
  • Rotate them in any direction you want, just like we did before. Also decrease/increase the capacity if needed.


  • Now you can add a style to image selecting the style Tab.
  • Once you are done, press Command+Shift+4, and select the image area to capture as Screenshot. If you face any trouble, please read the article how to capture screenshot on a Mac.
  • Now you have the image watermarked on your Desktop. You can use it for the purpose you have created.

Watch this video if you face any trouble while adding watermark to a photo on Mac;

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