Add Style to your Photos with Keynote Application on Mac

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Keynote application on Mac works like Microsoft PowerPoint to create a presentation or slideshow. However, this app comes with some cool effects that can be used to add style to your Photos. Keynote allows users to export file in many formats; .pptx (PowerPoint), .m4v (Video), .key (Keynote), .html (Web Page) and .jpeg/.tiff/.png (Image). If you are editing a picture or applying an effect on Keynote application that can be imported easily. Here is everything you should know.

Here is a Standard image that we will edit to give a demo

KeyNote Photo Edting feature

What effects you can apply on a Photo with Keynote App, and How to do it

First of all, you need to add a photo to Keynote app, and then any editing is possible. Follow these steps;

  • Launch Keynote Application on Mac.
  • Select a Theme. To get the best result, you should select a White Theme.

Keynote images

  • Now click on Choose option (or you can also double-click on a theme to use it).
  • Press Command+A key to select all, and then press Delete key to clear the page.
  • Now drag and drop a Photo to Keynote app.
  • Now follow these steps.

You can apply these effects to your Photos

  1. Add Border to Photos.
  2. Apply Shadow.
  3. Apply Reflection.
  4. Make your image look like 3D Paper.
  5. Apply Convex surface effect.
  6. Adjust photo color.

Add simple or frame style border to Photo

  • I assume you have already added the photo now. Click on Photo to select it.
  • Adjust Image size by holding and dragging edge or corner of the image.
  • Make sure you are under Style tab, then select third image icon.
  • Now you can customize Border and Shadow. Click on Arrow icon associated with Border or Shadow to change Border style, border color, border design etc..

Apply Border on Photo Keynote

Add Shadow effect to Photo

  • Select the image clicking on it, and then click the third image icon under style tab.
  • Now you can customize shadow effect.
  • Here is an example how it looks with full blur and capacity. The image doesn’t seem to be on the surface, because of shadow effect.

Customize Shadow

Apply Reflection

  • Add Photo to Keynote app, select it by clicking, and then select the second image under Style tab on the right.
  • Reflection effect will be applied to your photo, and you can increase or decrease reflection capacity to make lighter or darker.

Add Reflection to Photo

Apply Paper Style 3D Effect

  • You need to add a photo to Keynote app, click on the image to select, and then select the 6th image icon on the right.
  • Now you can increase or decrease the capacity of effect by moving Scale bar to right or left.

Paper Style Image effect

Apply Convex Surface Effect

  • Select the 6th image icon under Style tab on the right
  • Select Shadow as Curved Shadow
  • Move the shadow balance to full Outward
  • Here is how it looks like

Convex Photo Effect

Dim a Photo

Keynote app also allows dimming photo on Mac. We have already written a separate article with the step-by-step guide how you can dim an image on Mac.

Combine Shadow, Frame, Paper Effect etc.

Now you already know how to apply shadow, reflection, border,  and paper style 3D effect. These effects can be combined together, and here is an example where Shadow, Border, and Reflection have been applied.


Adjust Photo Color

You can adjust photo color by selecting the second tab (Image) on the right. It let you adjust color, or make your photo black & white. All you have to do is adjust exposure and saturation ruler.

Adjust Image Color

Combine 2 or more Photos and Apply effect

You can combine 2 photos, and apply the effect on both of them together.

  • Add each photo one by one to Keynote app (you can drag and drop to Keynote)
  • Adjust image size, and make both same sizes to look good, and then attach those images together by dragging
  • Now you can apply effect if you want, else save it as it is

Combine image and apply effect

You can see some more combined photos that we have posted in an article about Hair Style Apps.

How to save image after editing

There are 2 methods to save the output as image from Keynote

Take a Screenshot (the best option) : Click anywhere on the blank space within Keynote app, else the small square icon around the pic will also be captured. Now press Command+Shift+4, and the select the image area you want to capture, and then lift your finger. It will be captured and saved under Desktop folder. After pressing the Command+Shift+4, image can be selected by dragging three fingers on the screen. If it is not enabled, you can enable it following the steps mentioned here.

Mac Keynote Photo Editing

Export file as Image : You can click on File in the menu bar, select Export to, then click Images. Now you can select the image format, JPEG, TIFF or PNG. Then click the Next button, name your file, select the destination folder, and click Export. Please note that this option is only effective when the image is on the entire screen. If the image is not on the entire screen, blank space will also appear in the output.