How to combine or merge Photos on Mac OS X

When I was a Windows user, I used to combine photos with the help of MS Paint as I am not quite familiar with the Photoshop app. After switching to Mac, I couldn’t do it properly with Mac’s Preview app, because it doesn’t give me proper space to merge multiple photos. However, I found a solution, and it works very well. You can combine photos without any image joiner or combiner app on Mac, and I will tell you how.

How to combine or merge Photos on Mac OS X

  • Launch the Pages app on Mac
  • Select the layout. If you want to combine images with more width, please choose Ladscape layout, else the normal layout will do
  • Drag and Drop those images into Pages app that you want to combine
  • Adjust the images width/height
  • You can also send image to the back or bring it to front on the other image, right click on the image, and select Send to back or bring to front
  • Put the images together (Mac shows the yellow line when images are exactly on the same line (same height)
  • Capture Mac’s Screenshot : Command+Shift+4 (Capture only the image as screenshot (not entire screen). If you don’t know how to do, learn how to screenshot on a mac)

Here is Video Tutorial

Bonus Tip

When you take a screenshot on Mac, it shows the resolution. To get the best result, capture screenshot of the same resolution.