How to edit Live Photos & convert Videos to Live Photos

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We have already learnt how to convert Live Photos to GIFs or Videos. However, that app was able to convert and share, but when you select to save a converted GIF on iPhone, it saves as still image, you could share though as GIF. Now we will tell you another app that also allows saving the image as GIF, but you can edit or create a new Live Photo as well. When we talk about Editing a Photo on Smartphone, it means applying filters to make it look awesome, cropping it etc.. However, a Live Photo is like a video that comes to life when we press on the display in iPhone 6s or 6s Plus. So let’s know what you do in terms of editing.

What can we do with Live Photos with Live Photo Editor?Editing or creating a Live Photo

  • We can adjust image frame (It means, you can choose any part of a Live Photo to put on the front, as face of the live image)
  • Apply Filters : You can apply some great filters to make a live Photo look awesome, just like you do with a still image
  • Trim : Do you want to make a Live Photo even shorter? Yes, you can do it.
  • Adjust Speed : You can also make your Live Photo faster or slower with the speed adjust tool. Get the effect of Slow Motion video with your Live Photo
  • Convert Video as Live Photo or GIFs
  • Finally, you can Convert it to GIF or Save as a Live Photo, and even share it with your friends on Social Media, via eMail or can even save on DropBox. GIF can also be saved on iPhone.

Let’s learn how to edit Live Photos on iPhone 6s or 6s PlusEdit Live Photos

  • Download Live Edit free App on your device
  • Launch the App, and you will get three options; Create New Live Photo with Video or Camera, Edit Live Photos, and Share
  • Create Option can be chosen to convert a video to Live Photo or GIF. You can also record a new one with camera that is not a new thing
  • Edit Option allows to apply filters, adjust live photo face (image frame), make a live photo slower or faster, trim it to make even shorter
  • Share Option can be used to share a Live Photo as Still image or Video

All created or Edited Live Photos can be saved on your iPhone as GIFs or Live Photos. You can also share those images with your friends and family without losing its life.