Download Free Live Wallpapers for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

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Download Live Wallpaper for iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6s and 6s plus have a unique feature, known as Live Wallpaper. Live Wallpapers are not PNGs or GIFs, but it has been made specially to recognize 3D touch on the latest iPhones. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus come with some preinstalled Live Photos. You can set them as Lock Screen from Settings –> Wallpaper –> Choose a New Wallpaper. Now to Tap on Live, Select any Image, Make sure Live Photo is selected before you tap on set. You can touch anywhere on the image, and press to preview how it animates. Now tap on Set, and finally Tap on Set Lock Screen. Now that live photo will be set as Lock Screen, and when you press on the lock screen, it will animate. Please note that Live Photos don’t set as live photos when you set it as Home Screen.

Are you bored of preloaded Live Wallpapers on your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus? Don’t worry, you can download more without paying even a single penny.

Get one of these free Apps from the App Store, and download many free Live Wallpapers

Live Wallpaper For Me by Apalon Apps

Comes with so many Beautiful Live Backgrounds for your device, and the app is absolutely free with unlimited download. It’s ad supported, but worth to try. You can Preview before downloading them.

Get it from here

Live Wallpapers by Themify

This one is another app that also has a great collection of Live Wallpapers, and it is free to use as well. You check try the animation before saving.

Download this app here

Live Wallpapers from Robot Parrot

This one is also good but comes with a limited number of live Wallpapers. When you launch the app, they may ask you to login/register, but you can continue downloading Live Wallpapers without registration. You can check how it animates before downloading.

You can download here

The best collection of Live Wallpapers we found in the first app we mentioned (Live Wallpaper For Me by Apalon Apps), so you may manage to live with some ads. There are many other apps that we have not mentioned in this article because some are paid and some come with restriction to try a couple of images for free, and then you need to pay.

How to set download images as Live Wallpaper

All saved or downloaded images will be saved automatically under Photos app. So go to the Photos app, and follow these steps

  • Tap on the Photo
  • Press on the screen to make sure it is a live photo (it should animate when you press)
  • Tap on Sharing icon (located at the bottom left corner)
  • Now tap on Use as Wallpaper
  • Make sure Live Photo is Selected (it will be highlighted)
  • Tap on Set, and select Set Lock Screen