Some Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone & Android

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Live Wallpapers for iPhone 6s and 6s plus

Live wallpapers works in different way on Android and iPhone devices. When a Live Wallpaper is applied on Android Home Screen or Lock Screen, it keeps animating all the time. However, Live Wallpapers on iPhone stays still until user long-press on the screen. Live Wallpapers on iPhone can be applied on Lock Screen only. iPhone 6 and newer models support Live Wallpaper, but almost all the Android devices support live wallpapers.

Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone Users

Live Wallpapers from Fexi Apps

This app comes with unlimited free access to all available live wallpapers, and they have wallpapers in almost all categories, like Nature, Abstract, Flowers, Fireworks, Animals, and so on… They serve ads, and it pops up everytime you hit the save button. If you don’t mind ads, the apps is great for downloading free Live Wallpapers.

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Live Wallpapers for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus By Robert Neagu

This app has got many awesome live wallpapers that you can save on your device, and it is also Ad-free. The app can be downloaded for free, and you are allowed to save 3 Live Wallpapers for free. If you want unlimited access, you can upgrade for $1.99. They have got 206 wallpapers so far including all categories.

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App from Appyfurious

This app is also free to download and use, and the developer serves ads. There is one ad-free version that costs $1.99. There are many wallpapers that you can download, but browsing them could be little difficult. They don’t have any category to select, and you can view one picture at a time, and it takes a while everytime you swipe to view another image.

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Live Edit

Live Edit application allows to make your own custom Live Wallpapers. You can make Live Wallpapers from videos, or edit an existing live wallpaper to make it look better. It allows to apply filters, Increase or Decrease animation speed, trim etc.. If you want to learn more about this app and how it works, you should read the article about live photos editing.

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Stock Camera App

iPhone 6s and newer iPhone models have this feature built-in on their devices. You can use Stock Camera app on your device to capture live wallpapers, also known as Live Photos. You can use these capture photos as Lock Screen, and long-press will bring them to life. However, make sure that Live icon is enabled while capturing photos.

Live Wallpapers

If you are looking for more Live Wallpaper apps, you can visit this page to get  3 more apps for free. We have also discussed how a Live Wallpaper can be applied on Lock Screen.

Live Wallpaper Apps for Android Users

As far as Android devices are concerned, Live Wallpaper is not a new feature. Android Phones come with some preloaded live wallpapers, and you must download apps if you want more. Live Wallpaper on Android devices isn’t a normal wallpapers that you can capture using camera.

Gravity Home

Gravity Home Live Wallpaper app allows to make all app icons float and bounce on the screen. All the floating icons work, and you can tap on it to launch the app. Free version of the app allows to add 4 app icons, and its pro version costs $1.99 that comes with unlimited access.

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Koi Live Wallpaper

This app comes with some cool Fish Pond live wallpapers. All the fishes respond to your touch. The free version of the app doesn’t allow to customize the screen, but there is no time limit to use. If you want to customize the screen, and make it look awesome, you must get the pro version that costs $0.99 only.

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Waterfall Live Wallpaper

This app is free to download and use. There are 10 custom Waterfall backgrounds that you can set, but only 5 of them will be locked when you download the app. Rest of them get unlocked after 24 hours. The waterfall effect is cool, and some drops of water keeps falling on the screen as if it is from from outside.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Rain Live Wallpaper

This is one of the awesome app that you would love for sure. There are many custom backgrounds to choose from, and the app is also free. Along with rain drops, there is misted window effect that can be enabled or disabled. When misted effect is on, you can clean mist from window by swiping your finger, and the window gets misted again after a while.

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There are many other free live wallpaper apps on Google Play Store that you can find here. Please understand that free apps come with ads, and if you want ad-free version, you need to download the paid/pro version of app.