B612 Selfie Camera App: The Best and the worst

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B612 camera app

I have been using B612 app for a few months and there are many reasons that stopped be from uninstalling the app. However, the app could also be frustrating at times and we will tell you why.

About B612 Selfie/Camera App

If this is the first time you have heard about B612 app, let me introduce you. B612 has been developed and sold by Line Corp. The app is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phones. The app is used by over 300 million users worldwide because of its cool filters and effects.

Features that make B612 the best Selfie/Camera App for iPhone and Android

  • Free to download for all the devices
  • All the effects and filters are free to use. Like many other apps, B612 doesn’t want you to pay to use some certain effects and filters.

b612 photos filters

  • Effects for Photos and Videos. Along with filters, you can also use many fun effects and record videos. Videos effects are animated and some of them also have sound that makes it even better.

b612 video filters

  • While Samsung Phones and iPhones Mirror all the selfies captured via Stock Camera App, B612 have the option in settings to enable or disable mirror mode. So it’s up to you what you want.
  • Along with selfies, the rear camera can also be used to capture photos and videos with effects and filters.
  • B612 allows removing B612 watermark that you can’t do with most of the free camera app. To remove Watermark, you can go to B612 Settings and disable B612 Mark option.
  • B612 keeps adding new filters and effects. They also add new filters on special occasions. For example, they added Halloween Effects on Halloween.
  • You can also capture continuous images and make a photo collage. Photo collages are available in various shapes, square, round, rectangle, triangle etc..
  • The app also comes with the timer option.
  • Brightness adjustment option allows capturing cool images even in the low light.
  • The focus option can be used to capture an image of a certain person or stuff blurring all the background objects.
  • B612 app can also be used as a Photo Editing App to apply filter or effects on any existing photos.
  • The touch mode option lets user capture image just by touching the screen.
  • B612 allows capturing High-Resolution images. However, you must enable High-Resolution option by going to its Settings–> Camera Settings.
  • The app also has Face Swap Option.

What makes B612 the worst camera app?

Along with all the great feature we mentioned above, there is one bug that may force you to remove the app. The bug is not related to slowing down the device or making the device crash, but it’s about power consumption. B612 is too heavy on battery life. We tried the app on Android as well as iPhone, and found that it makes the battery drain very fast. Each snap captured by B612 consumed 2-3% of battery on iPhone 6s Plus and Xiaomi Mi 4i. It may consume even more battery if your smartphone has a smaller battery. 3o to 35 snapshots captured with B612 bring 100% battery to 1%.

B612 has released many updates, but couldn’t fix this bug. I removed the app from my device and tried many application, but couldn’t find any app as useful and effective as B612. So I reinstalled it. If b612 can fix this bug, there is no app that can beat its filters and effects.

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