Free Apps That Give You Makeup and Cute Nail Design Ideas

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Makeup is the most important part of Women’s life, and you won’t find any Woman who doesn’t care about her makeup. Makeup doesn’t give you a permanent look, but it still has an important role to make anyone beautiful. There are women who keep visiting beauty salon now and then, and there are some who know themselves how to apply makeup properly. Makeup is not just about the Face, but also hair and Nail Design. If you calculate the amount you spend on beauty salon every year, it may surprise many of you. So it’s better to browse the internet, get some makeup, hair, and nail design ideas, and apply to test how it changes your look. You can read articles, watch videos, and also try Apps on your Android and iPhone. There are many apps that allow applying makeup or nail design virtually and test how it changes your look. We will tell you about some apps that come with some cool Nail Designs and Makeup ideas, and some of them also serve with tutorials and how to guides.

Free Makeup and Nail Design Apps for Android and iPhone

YouCam Makeup App: Selfie Makeover


YouCam Makeup App from Perfect Corp. is the most popular makeup app with over 100-million downloads in the Google PlayStore. The app has been reviewed by hundreds of thousands of users and managed to get 4.5 average rating out of 5. The app comes with many makeup tools that you can apply on your face in real-time, and see what suits you the most. The app also allows applying makeup on any existing photos, but I would recommend trying in real-time using the camera for the best result. These are the makeup options you can find in this app.

  • Eyes Makeup : The app lets you apply cool makeup to your eyes. There are many makeup tools to try; Eye Shadows, Eyelashes, Eye Liners, Eye Color etc.. There are many colors and filters that you can try. Eye Color option comes with some cool effects to make your eyes look cool. If you are planning to buy color eye contacts, you can use this app to test which color will look awesome.
  • Lip Color : Are you confused about choosing a Lipstick color? Try YouCam Makeup app, it comes with over 50 colors to try on your lips, and you will have an idea what color will look good.
  • Blush : The app comes with 30+ Blush Colors that you can apply to your cheeks, and find out which one suits you the best.
  • Looks : This option comes with some pre-defined makeup that you can also try.
  • Public Posts : The app also comes with a section that allows users to sign up and join makeup community. You will find many public posts with awesome makeup photos and tips. You are allowed to comment and share your makeup design.
  • Apply Makeup on Existing Photos : If you already have a photo in your Phone Gallery, you can apply makeup on those photos as well. You are also allowed to capture a Photo using this app and then apply makeup. So it can also be used as a Photo Editing App. I would recommend applying makeup first and then capture a photo.
  • Capture and Save : After applying makeup, you can capture an image of you, and hit the Save option to save it to your Smartphone’s Gallery.

Download YouCam Makeup App : iPhone Users   |   Android Users

YouCam Nails : Get Cute Nail Design Ideas and Video Tutorials


This is another app that is also developed by Perfect Corp., and this app is dedicated to those Women who love to try new nail designs now and then. The app comes with some cool colors, patterns, stickers etc. that you can apply on Nails. Along with nail design options, the app also includes many videos that can help you get awesome and cute nail designs. A quick overview on App features;

  • Try different color and design on each finger, or apply on all fingers at once.
  • Try pre-designed 25+ Nail Looks, or download new designs after you join the community. All downloaded designs are automatically saved under My Looks tab that you will see after tapping on Nail Looks option.
  • There are over 65 solid and glitter polish colors that you can try on nails to find out what color will suit your personality.
  • Along with colors, there are 35+ awesome patterns that can be applied along with any color.
  • There are also stickers and Jewels to give more fashionable and stylish look to nails
  • There are 5 different skin colors to choose from.
  • Choose from 5 different Nails shapes that describe your nail best.
  • You can also change the background color if you don’t like a plain white color behind your hand.
  • When you launch the app, you will also see Beauty Circle and Tutorials section. Beauty Circle shows the nails designs made by other users, and you can also try those designs and share your own design that you have made using this app. Tutorials section includes many cute nail designs tutorial videos.

Download this Nail Designs App : iPhone Users   |   Android Users

Makeup Plus : Makeup Camera


MakeupPlus application is an awesome application that comes with many makeup tools and tutorials to give yourself an awesome look. The app is developed by Meitu Inc., and it is used by millions of users. According to Google PlayStore, over 10-millions users have downloaded the app, and over 400K users have reviewed it leaving the average rating 4.5. Let’s know about the features of the app that made Makeup Plus a popular makeup app.

  • You can use an existing photo from your Smartphone’s photo library or capture a new image using MakeUp Plus app.
  •  All the virtual makeup tools allow adjusting the intensity, so you can make the makeup/photo look perfect.
  • The Makeup option within the app comes with some pre-defined makeup looks that can be used to apply virtual makeup quickly.
  • Foundation : Foundations are available in 10 different colors.
  • Lipstick : There are 20+ lipstick colors to try along with intensity adjustment.
  • Blush and Contour: Available in many different colors and styles.
  • Hair Color : 10+ hair colors to test what color will fit you the best.
  • Eye Makeup : You can try different types of Eyebrows, Eyeshadows, Eyeliners, Mascaras, Eyelids etc.. Eye Contacts are available in 15 different colors.
  • Decoration : There are some other decoration tools to apply on photos. However, these tools won’t give you any makeup hint.
  • Makeup Tutorials : The app includes a Makeup Tutorial section that you will find right after launching the app. The tutorials tell users about the required cosmetic and makeup tools, and also include a video guide.

Download Makeup Plus App Now : iPhone Users   |   Android Users

Cute Polish Nail Designs Tutorial App


Like rest of the apps, CutePolish doesn’t let you apply nail design virtually, but it serves users with many awesome video tutorials to tell how to make your nails look beautiful and stylish. The app comes with these options;

  • Videos : This section of the app contains many nail design tutorial videos.
  • Recreations : This section could be useful for those only who are good at Nail Design because it includes only images without any guide or tutorial.
  • Tips : A section that tells you about Nail Design tools, and also serves with useful tips.

Download CutePolish App Now : iPhone Users  |   Android Users

Beautylish – Beauty Tips, Makeup Tutorials, Hairstyles, and Nail Designs


This is a makeup tutorial app developed by Beautylish. The app has been downloaded by millions of users because of awesome makeup guides it contains. You will have to register yourself to use the app, or you can choose to log in with your Google or FaceBook account. Once logged in, you will be asked to tell about your personality to create a beauty profile. You can skip this option if you don’t want to provide such details. The app includes these sections;

  • Videos : Videos have been categorized in various topics that you can see and select by tapping on arrow icon. It includes; Tutorials, Face Makeup, HairStyles, Eyes Makeup, Lips and Nails Makeup.
  • Photos : Photos section includes the makeup photos uploaded by many users.
  • Talk : This section allows to communicate with other users.
  • Editorial : Editorial categories include articles, news, tips & tricks, and beauty products information.
  • Shop, Brands, and Reviews : These are 3 separate categories that allow reading reviews of beauty products from different brands, and buy them online.

Download Beautylish Now : iPhone Users   |   Android Users

Nailbook – Nail Art Designs (Android Only)


This app from Adam Czene is very useful to those who wants to learn some cool and cute nail designs. Unfortunately, the app is available for Android users only. The app claims to have the largest collection (over 25,000) of nail design ideas. The app includes these features;

  • Video Tutorials.
  • Nail Design Images.
  • Images or Videos can be favorited to check them later.
  • You can sort/filter the Videos and Images by Categories, Nail Polish Color, Recent. Top, Random etc..

Download App for Android Devices

I have tried my best to include some awesome makeup and nail design apps that let you learn and apply makeup virtually. However, if you think I missed any app that is better than listed apps, please comment below.

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