Best Free Mirror Application for Android and iOS Devices

Whether you want to apply makeup, shave your beard, or just want to see how you are looking today, you need a mirror. Women usually carry a small mirror and makeup kit in her purse, but the size of a Man’s wallet doesn’t allow him to carry even a small-sized mirror. Well, you don’t need to carry a mirror if you own a Smartphone. These days smartphones’ display are large enough to use as a portable mirror. If you are at home, you can use your iPad or any other tablet to shave. Tablets’ usually carry 7-inch or larger display that should be perfect for shaving as well as makeup.

How to Use Your Smartphone or Tablet as a Mirror

Requirement : A Smartphone or Tablet with a front-facing camera.

If your smartphone or tablet features a front camera, you can use it as a mirror. Just launch the camera application on your device, and start using the front camera. Now you can see yourself on your smartphone just like you do in case of a Mirror.

Issue : There is one little issue if you are using front camera as Mirror. It gets dim and turns off the display light according to Smartphone’s or Tablet’s settings (not applicable for all smartphones). So you will have to keep tapping on the screen every few seconds or increase the auto-off time for display light. So every time you use your smartphone as a mirror, you will have to go to Smartphone’s settings that could be frustrating for many users. In such case, you can use a mirror application.

Best Mirror App for Android and iPhone

Mirror Deluxe – perfect free makeup mirror app (iOS Only)


It’s not a just simple mirror app that usage the front-facing camera, and let you see your face. It comes with some additional features that are as follows;

  • Launch the app to use as a portable mirror.
  • Adjust brightness, Contrast, and Sharpness by the dedicated tuning button.
  • Flip your reflection using the Flip button.
  • Tap once on the bulb icon, and it will increase the light to its max.
  • Use the Freeze icon to Freeze frame, and it will look like a picture
  • The camera icon is also there in case you want to capture a photo.
  • The app serves ads, but you can tap on the screen to make the ad and other options disappear.

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Mirror App by App2U (Android Only)


This Mirror app has been developed by App2U, and it is available for Android Smartphones and Tablets. According to Google Play Store Information, over 500,000 users have downloaded the app, and it managed to get the average rating 4.2 out of 5. The app comes with similar features that we told about iPhones’ Mirror Deluxe app.

  • Brightness Adjustment : You can drag the brightness bar up or down to increase or decrease the brightness.
  • The rotation icon can be used to rotate the reflection.
  • There is also a Zoom bar to make the view larger.
  • Freeze icon can be used to Freeze your reflection on the mirror. When you click on Freeze icon, you get Camera and Play icon. If you want to save it as a photo, tap on the camera icon, else tap Play icon to go back to the normal view.
  • The Bulb icon is very useful in the dark. It shortens the mirror view and leaves white space around the mirror view to give more light to your face even in the dark.

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