Top 5 Multi-Purpose Flashlight Apps For iPhone and Android

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These days smartphones and tablets come with preloaded Flashlight or Torch feature. We have collected some amazing apps for you that are not just a simple Flashlight app, they come with some additional features, like Compass, Magnifier Glass, SOS Light, and you can also control the brightness that is not possible with Stock app. If you still own a Smartphone that doesn’t have a Flashlight app, you can install any of these apps.

1. Best Flash Light! – Torch Flashlight


It is certainly the best Flashlight or Torch app. The app allows to turn on the Flashlight without touching the phone physically. Here are the features of this app;

  • Launch the app, and it will turn on Flashlight automatically.
  • You can also tap the big round button to turn the Flashlight on/off.
  • Adjust the brightness using by dragging small round object toward Minus (-) or Plus (+) sign.
  • Tap on ⓘ icon to set the timer. Once set, Flashlight will turn off automatically according to timer duration.
  • Tap on eye shaped icon to use magnifier glass. It actually shows the zoomed view of the object that you can also adjust.
  • Enable Clap icon by tapping once. Once enabled, you can clap to turn on/off the Flashlight. There is no need to touch the device.
  • Enable the icon with mobile and arrow sign to turn on Flashlight by shaking the device in left and right direction.
  • Tap on Bulb icon to light the display.
  • Tap on the circle icon to flash the light intermittently. It works as SOS Light or Strobe. You can adjust its intermittency.

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2. High-Powered Flashlight


This is a very useful Flashlight application developed by iHandy Ltd., and it is available for Android as well as iOS devices. This app comes with some impressive features that are a follows;

  • Flashlight with brightness control: When you launch the app, a big Power Button will appear on the screen. Tap on the power button to turn the Flashlight on/off. It also has an indicator that lights when you turn on the Flashlight. There is a volume key that you can move to increase or decrease the brightness.
  • Compass: The app also has a built-in compass that works very well. You can tap on Compass icon to view compass on Map.
  • Strobe: This feature lets you set the frequency for intermittent flash. 1 means slowly, and 9 means very quickly.
  • SOS: SOS means Save Our Souls, and SOS light is used to get attention so that someone can help/save you. When SOS option is selected, the camera’s flash will light intermittently. Make sure you have the moved the volume to emits the brightest light in SOS situation.

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3. Ultimate Flashlight That Follows The Beat Of Music


This Flashlight app by Iddiction comes with one unique feature that other two apps lack. When you launch the app, the first thing you will notice is the Big switch to turn on/off Flashlight. Brightness Control button is located on the left, and Volume can be controlled by sliding the button located on the right of the Power Button. This app can also make the flashlight and screen light blink on the beat of the music. To use this feature, tap on Music icon, hit the big Music Button, and then Play a song or music on any other device/music player. You can’t play Music on the same device while using this application. If you want to change the color of the screen light, just tap on Energy icon⚡️, and then swipe left/right on the screen. The last option with a horizontal exclamation like symbol on the bottom right can be used as SOS light (intermittent flash) and Morse code translator.

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4. Compass GPS With Flashlight


This app is very useful for travelers. This one is actually a GPS app that shows weather and location related information, but it also comes with a dedicated key to use Flashlight. These are the features of this free app;

  • A dedicated key to turn the Flashlight on (located on the bottom right corner).
  • The Compass option shows device’s real-time orientation to magnetic fields.
  • The Map option within the app shows your current location on Map, Longitude, Latitude, GPS Coordinates, Compass, etc.. You can also tap on share icon or SMS Location option to share your current location with anyone.
  • Whether option allows seeing the information related to Temperature, Wind, Humidity, Pressure, Visibility, Sunrise and Sunset Time. It also shows current date and time.

Download the app now: iPhone Users   |   Android Users

5. Alarm Clock HD: Multi-Purpose App with Flashlight


Alarm Clock HD app has been developed by Impala Studios, and it is available for Android and iOS devices. Along with Flashlight and Alarm Clock, this app is equipped with many other features.

  • When you launch the app, you will see a large clock screen with Date, Temperature, Day, Battery Percentage, etc.. You can swipe your finger left/right on the screen to increase or decrease the brightness.
  • Flashlight icon is located on the top left corner that you can hit to turn the Flashlight on. Tapping twice on the screen or shaking device will turn off the flashlight.
  • Alarm icon is located on the top right corner, you can tap on it to get these options; Set Alarm, Play Music with Auto Sleep Timer, Change Clock Appearance, etc..

There are many other Torch or Flashlight applications that you can find on Google Play or App Store, but they all come with the same type of features. Every app we have listed in this article come with some unique feature that you won’t get in another app. If you know of a Flashlight that has some unique feature and we have not listed, please comment below.