Best Free Pregnancy Apps For Expectant Mothers (Android and iOS Devices Only)

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Being pregnant is the happiest moment of a woman’s life, and the happiness gets even double if you were expecting this to happen for a long time or this is your first pregnancy. First of all, I want to congratulate those readers reading this article. I have hand-picked apps from App Store and Google PlayStore after testing their features and listed in this article. We have listed only free apps, but they are very useful for a pregnant woman.

Best Free Pregnancy Apps For Expectant Mothers (Android and iPhone Users)

Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker


Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker app is used by over a million users, and it has been reviewed by thousands of users leaving the average rating 4.8 out of 5 in the Google Play Store. This app helps pregnant women to be healthy and be updated what happens during pregnancy. Here are the features of the app;

  • Calculate due date with the available calculator.
  • Join community and get the answer to pregnancy related questions.
  • There are over 2,000 pregnancy related articles, tips, and tools to help expectant women.
  • Receive daily updates about pregnancy and baby’s size development.
  • You can add photos, notes, tags, and set a milestone.
  • You will also receive feedback and critical alert based on your health data.
  • There are many other tools that you can use; Contraction timer, Kick Counter, Symptoms lookup, Medication safety lookup, Food safety lookup, Timeline filter etc..

Download the app now: iPhone Users   |   Android Users

My Pregnancy & Baby Today Daily Calendar & Tracker


This app is developed by BabyCenter, and over 349K users have reviewed it. Over 10-million users have downloaded this app, and it received 4.6 average rating, according to Google PlayStore report. I hope you already know about BabyCenter, they also run a website. They have received Voice Webby Award for Best Family/Parenting website. Following features of the app have made it popular;

  • Due Date Calculator.
  • Pregnant Calander with Due Date Countdown.
  • Baby’s development and Pregnancy-related Videos, Images and Articles.
  • Daily News Feeds to get healthy nutrition ideas and Pregnancy Excercise Advice.
  • Tips to deal with Morning Sickness, Weight Gain, and many other matters.
  • Community to join other expectant women to help each other, get answers to questions, trade tips, and share your experience.
  • Baby name finder.
  • Kick Counter.
  • Contraction Timer.
  • Baby Registry Checklist.

The app is not helpful during pregnancy only, but also after the baby is born. You can get the advantage of these features when the baby is born.

  • The app features a Daily Baby Calendar.
  • It also comes with guidance who to put the baby to sleep, and there are many lullaby music.
  • There are also feeding guides and breastfeeding tips to handle a newborn baby.
  • There are many articles and videos to help you understand baby’s health and safety.
  • The app also has suggestions about Mom & Baby activity.
  • It comes with many other tips to take care of the baby as well as mom.

Download the app now : iPhone Users   |   Android Users

Pregnancy & Baby | What to Expect


A very useful app for pregnant women. When you launch the app first time, it asks to select the Due Date. If you are not sure, you can tap on “I don’t know my due date option.” Now the app will help you Calculate it according to First Day of Your Last Period or The Date You Conceived. You need to register to enjoy the full feature of the app. This app includes following features;

  • The personalized daily track feature of this app will show you baby’s development measurement and due date countdown.
  • It serves users with pregnancy tips in the form of content and real stories from parents.
  • You will receive videos to understand changing body and baby’s development week-by-week.
  • You can also connect to other moms, share stories, get advice and arrange meet ups. You can find a most suitable group for you based on location, medical condition, parenting style and birth month.
  • Once the baby is born, you can still seek advice, answer, and guidance.

Download the app now: iPhone Users   |   Android Users

280days: Pregnancy Diary Application Couples Share


The app allows recording your 9 months of pregnancy period in a beautiful diary. The app requires no registration or subscription, and users can download and use for free. You can record every day in a beautiful way including notes, pictures etc.. If you register twins, the illustrations will automatically change to twins. Father can also download the app and provide invitation code to Mother, and the app allows to enter invitation code and connect 2 apps together. Once connected, data/journal can be shared with each other. The app also provides some valuable tips and suggestions.

Download the app now : iPhone Users    |   Android Users

I’m Expecting – Pregnancy App


I’m expecting is another free Pregnancy app that can be downloaded by Android and iOS users. Like other pregnancy apps, it also comes with some very useful features that are as follows;

  • Calculate due date and use its countdown features. It also sends cute baby images every day.
  • It sends weekly updates (including videos) about Baby’s growth and other helpful tips.
  • You can monitor weight gains throughout your pregnancy period.
  • Meet other expectant mothers in the community, ask questions, and compare your pregnancy related symptoms and health data with other moms.

Download the app now: iPhone users (Removed)   |   Android Users

Note : All the apps we mentioned above are very useful, and those apps come with great tips and guides. However, you should never completely rely on an application and online community. Visit doctor whenever it is needed, or when you feel something wrong or unusual. It’s not about Baby only, but also the Mom. You need to take care of your health along with all other activities. A healthy mom gives birth to a healthy baby.

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