Canva app let users design graphic and edit photos like professionals

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What is Canva?

Canva is not a new name that you may heard of for the first time. Canva website was launched in 2012 to let users design professional quality graphic and edit images online. Now Canva is used by millions of users worldwide. Canva released its iPad application in 2014, now the app is available for both, iPhone and iPad. They also have Google Chrome app and WordPress Plugin. Canva let users design or edit images for free, but there are many features that require payment (if you want to use them).

Canva App for iPhone and iPad

Canva app can be downloaded for free from App Store or iTunes. The app is compatible with iPhone as well as iPad as long as your device is running iOS 8.1 or newer version. The app comes with in-app purchases option to boost your creativity that starts from $1.99.

Features of Canva iOS App

Canva Photo and Graphic Design app

You can design images for any situation. Whether you want to make invitation card or Cover/Banner for Social Media page, it can easily be done with Canva app. Here are the features of this app;

  • Design Social Media Graphic, like Twitter, Google+ or FaceBook Cover Photo, DPs, etc.. You can also design photos to share as post on Instagram, FB, Pinterest or any other social media network.
  • Design cool and professional quality posters and flyers.
  • Make presentation for classroom, business or any other purposes.
  • Design graphic for your blogs or websites.
  • Design Cards for various occasions.
  •  It also comes with some cool YouTube Art design that you can customize and use as Thumbnail for YouTube Videos. The designed images can also be used for any other suitable purpose.
  • Canvas let you design beautiful invitation cards.
  • Use designed made by Canva, add your own photos or search from millions of photos.
  • Apply filter and add special characters or clipart on photos.
  • All the edited photos or design can be accessed from Canva Websites as well. It syncs all the content automatically.
  • All your designed graphic or edited photos are saved under “Your Design” tab. You can share these photos on Social Media or save them to iPhone’s Stock Photo App.

Download the app now

There are a lot to design with Canva app as we explained under features section. We will give you an example of creating a FaceBook Cover.

How to design a FaceBook Cover with Canva App

  • Launch Canva app.
  • Tap on FaceBook Cover option.
  • Select the design or template you want to use.

Choose FaceBook Cover Option

  • If you are happy with the current image, you can start applying filter, editing or adding text etc., but if you want to add another image, tap on Replace option.

Add new image to Canva app

  • Select an image from your existing photo library or search for a new image. Please note that when you search for a new image, most of them are not free. You can also download an image using internet browser, and come back to this app, and then start designing again.

Add new image or search

  • Once the image is added, you can adjust the image by zooming and moving left/right.
  • Tap on Text option to edit/delete. You can choose a new color or style for the text, drag and and put the text anywhere on the image.
  • Apply filter if you want.
  • You can select Elements option to add special characters or clipart to image.
  • Once you are done with editing or designing photo, tap on Share option to save image or share on social media.

Share Image

Not Using iOS App? You can still make great design using its web interface. Learn to make Social Media Cover Photos with Canva?

What Canva Website offers that Canva iOS app doesn’t?

  • Canva website let you put custom dimension that is located on the top right corner of its web page. Canva app lacks this feature.
  • Canva website let you create various type of documents, e.g. A4 Size Documents, Certificates, Resume etc..
  • You can create Email header with Canva, but this feature is not available with app.
  • Canva App doesn’t let you make photo collage, but Canva web interface does.
  • As far as Invitation and other type of cards are concerned, Canva website comes with much more options compared to its app.
  • You can create an add banner on its websites, whether you want to make an leaderboard size banner or a medium rectangle, Canva can help you. However, the app lacks this feature as well.

Canva Website is available in many languages; Indonesian, Malay, Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish and Norwegian.

Is Canva App available for Android?

Canva doesn’t offer an Android app. You can get it for your iOS devices or use its Website.

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