Free Online Flash Card Maker Tools and Applications

What is Flash Card

Flash Card is a card with information as numbers or words, that is widely used for learning purpose among children and young learners. It is used by many private institutions as well as Schools. The Primary purpose of using Flash Card is making learning fun and easy to memorize. Traditional ways of education could be quite tough at times, this is why Flash Card is used. Along with words and number, Flash Card may also have images. Usually Flash Card is used during questions and answers session where questions are written on one side, and the other side holds the answers.

I hope you understand now what a Flash Card is. Making a Flash Card could be a pain for many people, so we will tell you about some free online Flash Card Maker tools as well as Applications, and how to guide, so that you can create Flash Cards easily. After making them, it’s up to you whether you want to print or use it digitally.

Online Flash Card Maker Free Tools and Applications : How to Make Flash Cards

  • Visit this website to start
  • Click Whether you want to make Flash Card based on Mathematics or Words (I will use Words in this demo)

Flash Card Maker

  • Now Write the question for Front Page, and the Answer for the Back
  • By Default you get the option to write 4 questions and 4 answers, you can click on More option to add more
  • If you make mistake, you can click on Start Over to start from the scratch
  • Once you are done writing, click See it

Adding information to Flash Card

  • After Clicking See it, you will get the preview
  • If you are happy with Preview, click on Print

Printable Flash Card

  • After getting the Printed Version of Flash Card, you can fold it and distribute among children. Here is how printed Flash Card will look like (I have added four cards in one image)

Flash Card is ready

There are many other websites that do this job, all of them works almost the same way. I have given demo for one website to make you understand how such tools can be used. Now you can do it on other Websites yourself.

Some more websites that works as Flash Card Maker : Use Digitally

TimeForKids allows teachers to create non-expiring Flash Cards. Teachers need to login, and then created Flash Cards will always be saved there. They can access anytime they want. If you are not logged in, you still get a unique URL to access your created Flash Cards for two weeks. Their Created Flash Cards can be used without printing them. It doesn’t show Answer to the question unless you click Flip option

flash card flip : Make Online or Use App

This website come with a huge collection of existing Flash Cards. You can browse from Existing Flash Cards, or create your own. While creating your own Flash Card, you get the option to set it as Public or Private. Setting Public will allow users to find and use your created Flash Card. It’s up to you.

App : You can download their Android and iOS App

Find and Create Flash Card : Make Online or Use App

They have some customization options to Make Flash Cards for various purpose. You need to register on their website to get started. They also provide ad-free service, but you need to contribute. You can contribute minimum $10 or anything more than that. This is a one time contribution that will remove ads for a year, or you can keep using free version if you don’t mind a couple of ads.

Apps : They also have applications that you can download on your AndroidiOS as well as Kindle Fire. However, there apps are either paid or come with limited access.

Flashcards+ by Chegg : App Only

A very good app to create custom Flash Cards. It is available for iOS as well as Android. You can download for free from the app store.

Download for iOS   |   Download for Android

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