My Mobile Journey : From Motorola to iPhone and Xiaomi

I have been curious about internet and software, and this is why I am here writing this content. I always tried to find new things in mobiles, that caught me sometimes. When I didn’t have any mobile I locked my brothers’ Samsung mobile while checking security option. I was just checking, and I knew later that I entered PUK key so many times that made the SIM useless and Phone got also locked. He got the SIM replaced, but no one was able to unlock the device. I learned about the mobile security option that day.

motorola c168

The very first device I bought was Motorola C168, this was what I could afford at that time. It was the cheapest smartphone that had GPRS enabled. I enjoyed it a lot. However, due to low memory and limited features I sold it.

Nokia 6600I bought a used Nokia 6600 then, and this was a great smartphone. I still remember those days when I used to waste hours finding the cracked software. You must know “Binpada.” Most of the Symbian apps were cracked by Binpada. Getjar.Com was one of the best website to download apps and games. Nokia was the best company to produce smartphone, and also the best seller. I still have Nokia 6600 in running condition, but some keys stopped working. Nobody wants to buy that anymore. My parents used to call it a Frog Mobile. LOL!


Nokia E65I used Nokia 6600 for years. After graduation, I got a job and managed to buy Nokia E66. It was a nice phone with slider, and I loved it. However, I wanted to buy a smartphone with bigger display and more storage. So I bought Nokia N97, and it had 32GB internal storage plus I added 16GB MicroSD card. I had thousands of songs and some videos. It was one of the best mobile I have ever used. Unfortunately, It got dropped and broken. I didn’t get that repaired, because Android was knocking the door.

NOkia N97

Sony Xperia SPMy first Android Phone was Sony Xperia SP. The device worked fine at the start, but started to hang a lot while using multiple apps at the same time. So I bought Auxus Note 5.5 that had 2GB RAM, and Meditek 1.7 GHz octa-core SoC. This device was superb in all aspect. The display had 720 pixels resolution but I compared with 1080 pixel, and I found 720 pixels to be better of that smartphone. It was strange, isn’t it. It was beautiful in terms of design, and also had finger print sensor, off-screen gesture etc.. The device performed very well, and never hanged as long as I used. There was only one issue, and it was the battery. I had to charge it thrice a days. Finally, sold it to someone who was interested to charge it that many times a day. Just kidding! 😀

Auxus Note 5.5

Samsung Galaxy Note 3Now I bought Samsung Galaxy Note 3 after hearing great things about it. I loved the S Pen, and it performed well. However, I had heard a lot about Apple, but never bought it because of the small display. When Apple launched iPhone 6 Plus, it got my attention. So I sold my Note 3, and bought iPhone 6 Plus. I had a Macbook, but never tried an iPhone before.

iPhone 6 PlusiPhone 6 Plus made me feel great, because of its smoothest typing and touch. The Graphic performance was also amazing, and it worked very well. It had just 1GB RAM, but I never ran out of memory even tried keeping 20 apps open at the same time. The camera result was amazing as well.

I wanted to buy a secondary device, and Xiaomi Mi 4 was the one I found. Mi 4 also has a great display, and a very powerful front camera for selfie. I liked many things about this device. You can download and apply themes like Symbian device that changes the whole look of the phone (icon, skin, font etc.). I still have it.

Xiaomi Mi4

I recently sold iPhone 6 Plus, because Apple is due to launch iPhone 6S Plus in September. Selling the device after new model arrival makes great loss. One person offered me a good price, and I sold it, and decided to wait until September to see what Apple will offer with new model.

Samsung Galaxy S6After selling iPhone 6 Plus, I bought Samsung Galaxy S6. I know people wants removal battery and MicroSD card slot, and many of them didn’t like it. To be honest with you, I liked the design of Samsung mobile for the first time in my life. It feel good to hold in my hand, the typing and the display quality is the best among all smartphones (Note 5 has this credit now). The camera is far better than iPhone 6 Plus. You can read my article where I made comparison between iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S6 based on my usage experience.

Now I am using Samsung Galaxy S6 and Xiaomi Mi 4. However, I am waiting for iPhone 6s Plus if Apple makes it better than its predecessor, and provides a better camera than Note 5, I will go for it. I know it could also be a dual-core phone, but the this dual-core never hangs or create trouble. All I care about the performance, not the benchmark score, Octa-core or RAM. However, I am planning to buy Note 5 at this time replacing Galaxy S6, just waiting for their official launch in my country.

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