iBerry Auxus Note 5.5: iBerry making Xiaomi lose customers in India

IBerry Auxus Note

Xiaomi Mi3: Waste of time and rising dissatisfaction in India

As we know Xiaomi is known for high-end smartphone at cheaper rate, and has sold its phone like anything, especially Mi3. Well, Xiaomi Mi3 has become a hard thing to buy in India as it’s only available on Flipkart. It’s always out of stock, and people register to buy it on sale date, but when the sale date arrives, it goes out of stock in seconds. What’s wrong here? First of all, Flipkart and Xiaomi is wasting people time asking them register again and again, and then login on the sale date and then try to purchase (Unfortunately most of the users don’t get a chance to buy).

Xiaomi should make as many handset available as it can (I hope they they are doing the same), but Flipkart should allow the registration for only as many users as many devices could be shipped, and should take the payment while registration. This will save the time of users to visit the site again and again for one purchase. 

Well, unavailablity of Xiaomi Mi3 gave another Indian Brand a chance to boost their device sales. So, I am talking about the brand iBerry. iBerry launched a smartphone “Asxus Note 5.5” that is snatching customers from Xiaomi. Asxus Note 5.5 beat Xiaomi Mi3 in many ways. First of all, this device has a finger print sensor that Xiaomi  Mi3 doesn’t have. Asxus Note 5.5 also works when mobile’s display is off, you can draw a letter on the screen with your finger, and it will awaken the device and open the last task that is assigned for that letter. You can customize and assign which app you want to open. Is it something unique?

off-screen gestureIBerry Auxus Note 5.5 inch slim


Asxus Note 5.5 has a MediaTek MT6592 Octa-Core Processor, 2GB RAM, 5.5-Inch HD Display, 13 MP Primary and 8 MP secondary camera. The battery is also removable and it has the power 3200 mAh. This device also has gesture controI; You can just waive your hand over the screen and can access photos, control music player etc. f you need additional battery, it can also be purchased for 490 RS. The display of Asxus Note 5.5 is amazingly strong and doesn’t get scratched. Watch this video:

What do you think of this device now? 😀 Damn! The device was available for 13990 RS on eBay, but it seems the promotion has ended and the device is on sale for 16990 RS. They might provide the offer again when they ship all the pending orders. They have mentioned that all the order placed from 26th August (2.30 PM) will need at lease 10 days shipping time. So, they might provide the offer again. If you want it can wait for some days or go for it if you are okay with 16990 RS. Here is the comparative data ( Xiaomi Mi3 V/S Auxus Note 5.5):

Mi3 V/S Auxus Note 5.5

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