Samsung Galaxy Note 3: A 4th Generation Mobile

Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy note 3, the newfangled “phablet” recently un-bosomed to the world.  Although at first glimpse, the note much resembles to its antecedents, Samsung touched it with a few slightly and subtle positive changes.  Here I am going to discuss the most common features of it.

Note 3’s back cover is trumped up of faux leather, but still resembles to thin plastic as in previous one on the inside. I don’t think there is any advantage of this changing but Samsung carried out its design by much eye catching way. Its sides give metallic look.

Previously, Samsung’s smart phones were featured with cameras adequate for 1080p video and 16-bit sound recording while Samsung galaxy note 3 just won battlefield with 4K video camera and 24-bit sound recording.

Samsung Galaxy note 3 has 5.7 inches full HD super AMOLED display but yet thinner 8.3mm and lighter 168g hardware design, 2.3 GHz quad-core processor, histrionic 3GB RAM, now brisker and more powerful in its performance, with bombastic 13 megapixels real camera smart resolution. You can click every visual story in your life peacefully. You can store a lot of memorable moments of your life in a single click. Its battery is more powerful and lasting longer as 3200mAh. It will give you the best internet surfing experience with its 4G and wireless connectivity. It comes with Android OS, v4.3 (Jelly Bean). It will give you a great gaming experience with 5.7 inches HD display, and you can download many applications of your choice from the Google Play Store.

Samsung Galaxy


The latter procedure in Samsung Galaxy note 3 is little unperceptive but once you figure it out clearly it works pretty fine then. The huge innovation on the software front is named as Air Command, a pellet of 5 powerful features. A menu pops up in the same way as magician appears when the magic wand spins in the air while you excerpt S-pen from its silo. It can also be pulled up as by drifting the stylus above the display and touching its built-in-button. You can approach whole central S-pen features, Pen windows, dubbed memos actions, scrapbook and S-finder from the Air Command launcher.

Now we will discuss all these features turn by turn;

Actions memo, permits you to handwrite a note, axiomatically knock off a function or it disciples that handwritten words into formatted contents.  The most stunning functions of Action memo include instantly initiating a call, affixing to contacts, seek out an address on the map, exploring the web and much more.

Scrapbook allows you to bring your content bring  light or to organize information from various sources or Gallery in one place, in this way you can nail all collected contents down at once.

S-finder permits you to broadly explore the contents on your device despite of typing. You can search all relevant events, communication threads, documents, even the help page, all in one box just by inserting in keywords as date, location and content type.

Pen window permits you to use S pen for various purposes like pen down notes, sketching etc. Just by drawing a window of any size, anyplace on the screen, you can simply and promptly open another window application like calculator, Facebook, or any browser without interrupting the current activity on the screen.

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